Clear C2 Solutions Enabled on IBM PureApplication System

Together, Clear C2 and IBM continue to deliver innovative technology solutions to customers. Earlier this year, IBM announced IBM PureSystems, a new breed of systems: one that combines the flexibility of general purpose systems, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload.  


Clear C2 has enabled both C2CRM and C2MMS on IBM PureApplication System.  IBM PureApplication System is a brand new expert integrated system, with built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified experience that can dramatically improve how your IT environment responds to business needs. Expert integrated systems are more than a static stack of pre-integrated components: a server here, some database software there, serving a fixed application at the top. Instead, these expert integrated systems are based on “patterns of expertise.” 


By enabling on PureApplication, we’ve built patterns of expertise for C2CRM and C2MMS which will automatically balance, manage and optimize all the elements necessary—from the underlying hardware resources up through the middleware and software—to deliver and manage business processes, services, and the applications. We’ve done so by encapsulating, into a repeatable and deployable form, the best practices and expertise gained from decades of optimizing the deployment and management of datacenters, software infrastructures and C2CRM and C2MMS applications around the world.


C2CRM is a comprehensive middle-market CRM solution designed to integrate sales, marketing and customer service into one seamless, collaborative operation.  C2CRM helps mid-sized companies improve productivity, save costs, increase sales and profits, and build strong customer relationships. C2CRM consists of several modules that span five solution sets: Relationship Management, Sales Management, Customer Service, Marketing Management and Business Intelligence. These comprehensive modules allow companies the ability to scale the application based on needs and number of users.


C2MMS is the Maintenance Management Suite from Clear C2, Inc. C2MMS puts you in control of scheduled maintenance, vendor repairs, work orders, RMA processing, security and audit processing, equipment inventory, and oncall management. The solution uses the award winning architecture of C2CRM to build a toolbox that delivers a platform that allows for easy configuration and customization to fit your needs.


Clients who choose C2CRM or C2MMS on IBM PureApplication System will realize a faster time to value and easily integrate either solution into their current environment.  Clients will enjoy a simplified experience of acquiring the integrated solution and support.  The single point of management offers clients integrated services and software management.  The environment offers automated workload scalability and elasticity to adapt to the changing needs of the business.


Clear C2CRM or C2MMS application patterns for IBM PureApplication System will soon be available for download. Please call 843-884-7822 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details.


Learn more about IBM PureSystems here.