Why ClearC2?

ClearC2, an IBM preferred business partner, was founded in 1993 to provide custom-driven technology solutions, including Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Customer Support, Maintenance Management Systems and more. Their ClearC2 Product Family can streamline your sales process by providing comprehensive, real-time information on leads, prospects, and customers. It can also effectively manage the maintenance of your remote assets.  The ClearC2 Product Family is designed to work across all areas of your business, and is offered as both an OnPremise and SaaS solution.


ClearC2 is Platform Independent

The ClearC2 Product Family is entirely platform independent, supporting the iSeries, WinTel, Linux or Unix environments. Additionally, there are no additional costs to change platforms after implementation.

ClearC2 is 100% Web-Based

Any device capable of Internet connectivity, whether it be a desktop, laptop computer or any mobile device, if it is capable of internet connectivity, it can access the ClearC2 Product Family.

On-Demand or On-Premise Offering

ClearC2 can either be implemented internally at a customer’s facilities or offered via a hosting On-Demand alternative, hosted by ClearC2.

Enterprise Wide Solution

With its flexible architecture, ClearC2 is able to publish and deliver enterprise wide solutions such as C2CRM and C2MMS.

Significant Integration Experience

If one of your requirements is to capture key information (i.e. financial, product, etc.) to use in your CRM or CMMS system and you choose to use our integration services, ClearC2 has many years experience integrating into backend systems and can work with most ERP systems.

Solution delivered and supported by the Publisher

When selecting the the ClearC2 Product Family, the customer would be dealing directly with the Software Publisher, ClearC2. Meaning, the development, sales, implementation and support all come directly from the Publisher at the Coppell, TX facility. There are no third parties to deal with – ClearC2 does not outsource any part of its offering.

Role-Based Methodology

ClearC2’s implementation, customization, training and software licensing, is all based upon a role-based methodology, meaning different users, departments & locations can all have their own specific look and feel for dashboards, screens, workflows and business process automation wrapped around their specific responsibilities.


Implementation Model

  • Software architecture flexibility allows ClearC2 to use its “off-the-shelf” product as a toolkit to give you a solution that best reflects your business model
  • ClearC2 uses “Best Practices” sessions with your users to get input on how they want their dashboards and screens to look like as well as what custom forms and backend data capture are needed to make them more productive and efficient.
  • As a result of the “Best Practices” sessions, a prototype is constructed. Users are given log-ins to the prototype environment to test until they are totally satisfied. It is only then that the system will be ready to “go live”.
  • The ClearC2 Product Family has a high user adoption rate due to the users feeling very comfortable with the system because they had direct input on how the software was configured-just for them.

Post Implementation Support Model (included in monthly subscription and/or Annual Maintenance fee)

  • Ongoing unlimited technical support via phone, email, chat, customer portal
  • Ongoing software bug fixes & upgrades
  • Ongoing changes/modifications to dashboards and screens
  • Ongoing creation of workflows
  • Ongoing creation of reports
  • Ongoing creation of custom forms