ClearC2 Applications

Achieving a high user adoption rate for your application is extremely important to ClearC2 and your company.  One of the ways we accomplish this is by taking our off-the-shelf software and applying your business model needs to our configuration methodology during the implementation phase of our offering.  Using Best Practices, we ensure that our software is role-based and application-specific reflecting the data your users need to capture while automating and streamlining their daily business processes.  At completion, the configured software will closely mimic your specific business model increasing the likelihood of consistent usage resulting in better data integrity, reporting and decision-making.  Other companies either require you to force-feed your business model into their cookie-cutter software or pass you off to an optional partner that will customize the software resulting in potentially high consulting fees.

C2CRM is customer relationship management software that can be used across multiple industries.  It’s flexible architecture and robust toolset allows each customer to enjoy a CRM software solution especially geared toward their business.  After all, your business model is your competitive advantage and ClearC2 leverages this to develop a compelling, easy-to-use customer-specific application.  Please take a look at some examples out of the many applications we have developed over the years for our customers.