CRM for Distributors


Clear C2 understands the many facets of the wholesale and distribution industries. After 20 years of working with distributors we have learned that automating your business processes is the key to a successful customer relationship solution.

Benefits of Clear C2’s CRM for Wholesalers & Distribution Companies

Our distribution CRM software provides customizable solutions to fit your business needs. Distributors have unique processes that involve a lot of people and communication. We want to understand those processes to ensure our software works for you.

Simplified data sharing

Automate and share real-time customer information across roles and departments. From sales to marketing and customer service, all your data is accessible.

Effective marketing campaigns

Automate your distribution marketing and send the right information, to the right contacts at the right time. Nurture prospects from warm leads to long-term clients.

Configurable sales processes

Configure your sales CRM to the way your team sells. From leads to opportunities, to customers and up-sell wins – manage your entire sales cycle with C2CRM.

How can C2’s CRM Application help your business grow?

Increase Sales

Integrate your business processes to produce real-time quotes, forecasts and sales pipelines.

Automate Business Processes

Easily analyze your CRM data on custom dashboards, reports and graphs.

Automate Marketing

Automate your personalized email marketing, drip campaigns, and lead scoring.

Integrate CRM Data

360 degree view of your customer when you integrate your CRM to outside applications.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Better service with help desk ticketing, customer portals, knowledge base and project management.

Increase Productivity

Automating your daily tasks along with additional communication results in increased efficiency.

Customer Data Management

C2’s Customer Relationship Management tools provide the capabilities to manage all of your interactions with customers, prospects and your supply chain.  From customers to contacts to leads to manufacturers, C2CRM provides a 360 degree view of the critical information of all your business relationships.

Sales Forecasting & Quoting Software

Whether you’re managing an internal sales force, manufacturer’s reps or an OEM Channel, C2CRM provides a highly conformed, yet simple to use, suite of sales features.  Our wholesale CRM allows you to create and manage real-time sales opportunities made of various sales stages of products and services. While capturing other associated revenue-generating additions such as extended warranties, maintenance, etc.  You can analyze revenue vs. margin forecasts and create simple budgetary quotes or formal proposals.   All of which can incorporate multiple forms of customer-driven, volume, and up-sell pricing methods. Forecasting accuracy within C2CRM is also key. Forecast reports can include details like probability, key dates, territory, and product line. C2CRM reduces gaps, inaccuracies and enhances efficiency when managing your sales pipeline.

Distribution Marketing

Marketing and communicating to clients and potential customers, is important, especially for distributors. And being able to focus on the right products and services gives a personal touch. C2 allows you to automate and track these processes. Reports are generated to see who opened emails and clicked links and even see opt-ins and opt-outs. All of this information is analyzed on your custom dashboard to show campaign success and ROI.

Customer Service

Post-sales automation should also be key for your distribution business, especially if you perform the services associated with your products. Our CRM provides a variety of tools wrapped around customer service, from managing and servicing customer questions, issues, and problems, to return material authorizations. Automated escalation processes, support call scripting, and a powerful knowledge base utility is also available for servicing your customers and your supply chain.

More Features of our Distribution CRM

Business Intelligence

Analyze and report on any data in C2CRM. Dashboard views of charts and graphs allow critical details to instantly appear as soon as updates or changes occur in your CRM system.

Mobile App

If your company has a sales team, then you need a mobile CRM. Access your customer information whenever, wherever. Instant access to real-time client data is essential.

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