CRM For The Distribution Industry

A distributor requires several forms and methods of managing their business, logistics, transportation schedules, their customers, the product manufacturers, OEM relationships, etc. C2CRM for the distribution industry understands these facets and provides a Role-Based way to handle these different customer facing touch points.

Relationship Management

C2CRM provides the capabilities to manage multiple types, hierarchies, divisions and subsidiaries while still maintaining a complete 360 degree of these different types of relationships. From Customers to Contacts to Leads to Manufacturers, C2CRM provides a common data repository to not only manage the demographic attributes of these multi-tiered relationships, but also manage key interactions, activities, warranty and maintenance agreements, associated products and potential revenue for these customers.

Sales Force Automation

Whether you’re managing an internal sales force or Manufacturer Sales Representatives, or an OEM Channel, C2CRM provides a highly conformed, yet simple to use, Sales Force Automation Suite of products. Creating and Managing Sales Opportunities with several levels, sales stages and methodologies of both new products, services related to those products and other associated revenue generating additions such as extended warranties, maintenance, etc. Managing revenue vs. margin potential, key dates associated with the opportunities, categories of products being sold, decision makers and processes are all subsets of the capabilities one can track by utilizing C2CRM. C2CRM also provides the ability to create simple budgetary quotations to formal proposals, mail merging critical customer specific information. All of which can incorporate multiple forms of customer driven, volume, and Up-Sell pricing methods. Forecasting accuracy within C2CRM is also key. Forecasting against any such criteria as Probabilities, key dates, territory, Product Line, etc. C2CRM reduces gaps, inaccuracies and enhances efficiency when managing Sales Opportunities.

Customer Service

Post-Sales Automation should also be key for Distributors. That is if you perform the services associated with the products you resell. C2CRM provides a variety of tools wrapped around Customer Service, from managing and servicing customer questions, issues problems, to Return Material Authorizations. Automated escalation processes, support call scripting and a powerful knowledge base utility is also available for servicing your customers.

Real-Time CRM

Sales forces within the distribution industry are rarely sitting at their desks in front of a computer. C2CRM, which is 100% web based, supports multiple types of mobile devices (smartphones, iPad, etc.) that are internet enabled to provide complete access most any time for sales, services and other such remote users.

Back Office Integration

A 360 degree view of all key information about your customers is essential, from sales history to inventory levels. C2CRM has provided distributor customers several formats for integrating their C2CRM application to various different back office systems. Utilizing a combination of API’s, web services, ODBC connections and batch uploading of spreadsheets, C2CRM has integrated to such popular manufacturing ERP systems as J.D. Edwards, Mapics, BPCS and Great Plains to name a few.


Reaching your customers beyond face to face and over the telephone is also an ever changing need for distributors. C2CRM provides the ability to create personalized eCommerce Portals which can be dependent or independent of your existing website. Creating customer or business partner self-service portals for placing orders and requesting service are just a few of the capabilities C2CRM provides.