Consulting Services

ClearC2 Integration Services (Optional)

  • Basic Integration Batch Mode integration/upload of spreadsheets to the ClearC2 application via import maps using the import utility. Typically done on a scheduled basis (i.e. nightly, weekly, monthly).
  • Advanced Integration Bi-directional data flow integration to other systems/databases using permanent connection (i.e. standard web services, direct ODBC connection via VPN, etc.). The complexity and volume of data integration will directly affect the cost – a “scope of work” quote will be provided once more details have been revealed.
  • CTI Integration Integration services to capture phone call data from customers’ phone system to pull into the ClearC2 application producing popup screens and enabling outbound dialing capability.

ClearC2 Self-Service Portal (Optional)

Development/Creation of self-service customer or partner portal with the flexibility to customize to specific business requirements/functionality for each type of portal user. Each portal can be branded differently depending on who’s viewing/accessing it.

Website Content Management (Optional)

Create integration to your website to capture pertinent customer and prospect data that automatically updates into your CRM system. Create forms to capture leads, event registrations or general company or product questions.