CRM Marketing Automation

C2CRM Marketing Automation System

Turn prospects into customers with Clear C2’s CRM marketing. Email marketing automation that is powerful and easy to use.  Provide on-going, customized content with personalized email marketing and drip campaigns. Analyze the success of emails and campaigns with real-time marketing reports.

Email Automation

Create personalized emails with custom content in easy drag and drop setup or html code. Custom reports show contact behavior.

Email Distribution List

Use our import tool to easily import and update information from your marketing campaigns. Then add to campaigns to automate your next steps.

Campaign Management

Nurture prospects with targeted, personalized drip marketing that automates next steps based on engagement.

Lead Management

Qualify and rank prospects with lead scoring. Sales can focus on best leads first.

Email Form Letter Templates

Use our pre-designed templates or create your own. Schedule emails to be sent in groups or individually.

Collateral Management

Securely manage all of your company’s marketing and sales collateral in one centralized database.

Campaign Management

Automate, execute and analyze marketing strategies with C2CRM’s email campaign software. Plan simple, personalized email marketing campaigns or complex, multi-touch, drip marketing. Stay organized and on budget with personalized marketing dashboards. Assign qualified leads to your sales teams with automated tasks to ensure proper follow-up. Track email open rates, click rates and bounce rates with real-time reports. Measure campaign success with ROI charts and graphs.

Lead Management

C2’s marketing automation system gives your sales and marketing teams the prospecting tools they need to turn potential customers into clients. Qualify and rank prospects with lead scoring. Prioritize the best leads for quick follow-up. Manage multiple campaigns and automatically assign to the sales reps based on territory or industry.  Populate your sales pipeline with more quality leads at the right time.

Email Marketing

Use C2’s email campaign software to create personalized emails with custom content. Schedule emails to be sent in groups or individually. Our email automation monitors email open rates, click rates and bounce rates. Get notified or check contact record for real-time updates. CRM marketing with custom reports and dashboards that shows contact behavior.

Collateral & Document Management System

Company-wide documents and images are stored in C2’s CRM Collateral library for everyone to view. This collateral can be any format type including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, and HTML. C2’s query tool can quickly search & locate documents by any parameter. Some examples of these variables are by description, customer, type, version, category, document owner, and account manager. Customer-specific documents will be on the company and contact records. Forms or emails sent from C2’s email marketing system can attach any collateral from the centralized CRM system’s marketing library.


C2’s Marketing CRM

Features & Functionality

  • Lead Management System – lead scoring, workflow automation, notifications, website integration
  • Campaign Management – personalized emails, drip campaigns, click rate & bounce rate reporting
  • Email Marketing – real-time notification of opens, opt-in or opt-out, custom content templates, ROI statistics
  • Document Management – access, store and export files, send as attachments or insert in emails
  • Tracking & Reporting – analyze and report on any data in real-time with lists or charts and graphs

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