The C2CRM Release Cycle

Exhaustively Tested to Ensure Smooth Operations

The Clear C2 Development and Quality Assurance teams follow the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model for new feature releases. Each step is supported by best-in-class tools and procedures used to exhaustively test enhancements before going live, ensuring seamless operations. Each component and function of C2CRM is unit tested by our Development team each time code is changed for the function. Because C2CRM is written using object-oriented techniques, our process tests changes made to specific code segments. Once the code change is unit tested, it is promoted to the Quality Assurance department to be system tested using specifically designed scripts which perform functions ranging from the most simple to the most complex. If the system as a whole performs without any errors, then the QA specialist will perform a load test designed to uncover any errors that might be introduced under heavy duress. Once the new version passes unit, system, and load tests, it is made available to C2CRM beta customers. Our beta group consists of installed customers who have a sandbox environment specifically for testing new releases of C2CRM. These beta customers will download, install, and test the new version of C2CRM independently of our support and QA staff. Errors are reported to the C2CRM support staff, recorded, and prioritized. After all known issues are resolved through this iterative process, a release is made available to our entire customer base. This release may be downloaded by our on-premise customers or is performed by the C2CRM support staff for cloud installations.

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