C2MMS Maintenance Management Software Overview

C2MMS is maintenance management software from ClearC2.  C2MMS puts you in control of scheduled maintenance, vendor repairs, work orders, RMA processing, security and audit processing, equipment inventory, and on-call management.  C2MMS leverages our flagship product C2CRM, an award-winning manufacturing crm platform, for its flexibility and ease of use. C2MMS can be sold as a software and hardware solution on quality IBM equipment or by itself, depending on the customer’s configuration. A wide variety of bundles offer ultimate flexibility to meet your computing environment needs.  C2MMS is platform and vendor independent. It’s available on a variety of platforms including IBM’s system i, system p, system z and system x.  C2MMS supports Operating Systems on these platforms such as Windows, IBM i, UNIX and Linux.  It is available on any Microsoft Windows Server supported hardware-with databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 as the reporting database and IBM Lotus Domino as the application server.

Core of C2MMS System

  • Activity Management
  • Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards & Screens
  • Calendar Integration
  • Workflow
  • Security

Preventative Maintenance Management

  • Auto-scheduling of maintenance
  • Pre-defined templates applied at each level of asset
  • Proactive Compliance Measures

Asset Management

  • Asset Definition – Custom Attributes
  • Audit Management – Compliance & performance measurements
  • Case Management – Trouble ticket creation & tracking
  • Site/Equipment Management – restrictions & government compliance

Work Management

  • Work orders – Specific Task Creation and Management
  • Work histories – Reporting and Analysis
  • Vendor Repairs – Authorization Tracking and Work Approval
  • Resource Allocation Management: on-call calendar, shift turn-over notes, training

Life Cycle Management

  • Site/Equipment Work-in-Process
  • Inventory Management
  • Specialized Equipment Management
  • Return Material Authorization Tracking

If you’re looking for a solution that has the ultimate customization and flexibility, without high-costs or complexity, look no further than C2MMS.

ClearC2 Portal Usage Fees (Optional)

ClearC2 can develop a self-service portal to be used for your partners or customers for a nominal fee. Because access to your portal for your partners and customers does not typically leverage the full system functionality that your internal users require, ClearC2 offers an access fee schedule in lieu of paying for a full license.  For Cloud-Based (SASS) Systems, there are two usage models (fixed & per company)…Just pick the model that best fits your customers’ use behavior. For On-Premise Systems, there is a one-time flat fee model for an unlimited amount of companies.

Cloud-based (SaaS) Systems

Fixed Registered User Model

Once your customers register for portal use, they will be included and remain part of the volume groups listed below until they are no longer a customer. You will be charged a flat fee whether they use the portal once or more than once. Unlimited users per company and unlimited usage per user.

Flat Fee Pricing:

  • 0 – 250 registered companies…………………..$1,000/month
  • 251 – 500 registered companies……………….$2,000/month
  • 501 – 1,000 registered companies…………….$3,000/month
  • 1,000 and above registered companies……..$4,000/month

Note: This scenario is great for ClearC2 Clients who have knowledge of all of their registered customers

Per Company Registered User Model

Per Company Pricing:

  • $10/month/company (limited to 5 users per company)

Note: This scenario is great for ClearC2 Clients who have fewer than 100 registered customers that have a limited amount of users that will need to access the portal.

ClearC2 Software Subscription Fee is Per User/Month. There is a 10 named-user minimum for all applications. Price includes Technical Support, Maintenance Releases, Version Enhancements, Ongoing Support/Customization of Screens/Fields/Drop-Down Menus, Workflows and Report Creation.

On-Premise Systems

One-Time Flat Fee Unlimited Account Model

For a one-time flat fee of $10,000, you are allowed an unlimited amount of customers (companies) to register to your self-service portal.  There is a limit of 5 users per company registered and unlimited usage per user.  Once your customers register for portal use, they will be included and remain a portal user until they are no longer a customer.

ClearC2 On-Premise Software is a one-time license purchase. There is a 10 named-user minimum for all applications. The Annual Maintenance Fee for the software includes Technical Support, Maintenance Releases, Version Enhancements, Ongoing Support/Customization of Screens/Fields/Drop-Down Menus, Workflows and Report Creation.

C2MMS System Architecture

The ClearC2 Product Family has it origin in the evolution of browser based applications which started in the mid to late 1990’s. Using the early browser as a client and connected over communication lines that were a fraction of the speed of today’s standards, the need for client to server asynchronous communications arose to eliminate processing and network wait time. The ClearC2 system was developed using an architecture that uses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to send data in XML (Extensible Markup Language), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), keyed value pairs, and other objects between the browser client and the server. This system, now on its third generation, is referred to as the ClearC2 Object. The ClearC2 Object, therefore, is a middle transport and interpretation layer between the client user interface and the server application logic. Hence, customization at the user interface, as well as at the application logic level can be achieved easily and rapidly using the ClearC2 Object toolset.

Supported Components

  • Name Functionality
    Supported Browser Clients IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
    Application Layer PHP
    Supported WebServers Microsoft Internet Information Server(IIS) IBM Websphere Application Server Apache
    Supported Databases Microsoft SQL ,Oracle, MySQL IBM
    Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Server , Linux IBM

Recommended Configuration For ClearC2 Server

The ClearC2 System can execute on a single server functioning as the web server, PHP server, database server and reporting server. In larger installations of over 2500 users, ClearC2 may recommend a separate reporting server and database server. The recommended single server installation is the following:


Operating System: Windows Server
Database: Microsoft SQL
PHP Version: Minimum of 5.4
WebServer: Microsoft IIS


Latest Intel processor
32GB of Memory
RAID10 System with 300GB useable storage
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

C2MMS Asset Management

C2MMS has Complete Asset Tracking & Management

Be able to locate equipment, warranty information, attach images and electronic operating manuals for quick reference, set up automated preventive maintenance schedules, track repair history and related costs. Manage parts, purchase orders (including parts) and Overhead information including vendors, users, sites, audit-logs, etc.

Asset Management

  •  Intuitive Asset Group definition
  •  Flexible asset creation: Manual, template, open interface / business API
  •  Ability to change an asset number without losing its attributes and history
  •  Parent / child asset hierarchy with cost rollup
  •  Support for all types of asset locations: User-defined areas, internal inventory locations,  external physical locations, etc.
  •  Fully supported asset moves and asset transfers, preserving asset attribute integrity, maintenance strategy and history
  •  Ability to associate assets to production equipment
  •  Equipment downtime visibility for production planning
  •  Asset check-in / check-out
  •  User-specified asset operations log

Key Features

  • Configure asset screen and field layouts to your specifications
  • Add or link graphics and other multi-media files to asset records
  • Upload meter readings and use to trigger Preventive Maintenance
  • Relate parts and Bills of Materials to assets
  • Store and display assets in a hierarchical structure
  • Easily create and edit records for equipment, components and subcomponents
  • Track nameplate information and determine which fields are exposed and populated
  • Define asset criticality or priority ratings
  • Support for depreciation of assets
  • Duplicate equipment specs to minimize data entry
  • Upload manuals, drawings, contracts or any rich media documents and relate them to assets

Reporting and Asset Tracking

  • Easily view all work history and charges related to each asset
  • Track Warranty information
  • Generate barcode labels for any asset
  • Produce customized “cost and repair” reports for components
  • Track and report on component failures and number of occurrences
  • Reports can be auto-generated and emailed on a pre-set schedule
  • Easily add asset graphs to dashboards for up-to-the-minute KPIs

ClearC2 Life Cycle Management

Every asset has a lifecycle status. The key to effective asset management is knowing where in its lifecycle a particular asset is—at any given moment—and whether that asset is capable of providing its intended value. If you know the current lifecycle state of any given asset then you can strategically plan updates/replacements, budget, install, move, add, change, and procure activities. C2MMS provides the specific set of business practices that join financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support lifecycle management and strategic decision making for assets within a business.

Maintenance Inventory Tracking

  • Full Requisitioning, Purchasing, and Receiving capabilities
  • Configure screen and field layouts to your specifications
  • Barcode tracking software capability
  • Manage multiple inventory locations
  • Track cost of parts issued and returned against work orders
  • Manage stock and non-stock parts and materials
  • Auto-issue parts when a PM work order is closed
  • Select FIFO or LIFO inventory accounting methods
  • Relate parts to assets and PMs for easy issuing
  • Wireless maintenance inventory software with the C2MMS Mobile App

Inventory Management Reporting

  • Easily locate inventory items with user-defined filters
  • Track supplier history
  • Create customized comprehensive inventory transaction reports
  • View and print parts requirements for upcoming PMs
  • Analyze usage of stock and non-stock items
  • Produce detailed and summary inventory valuation reports
  • Output reports as graphs and automatically email them
  • Barcode tracking software capability
  • Easily add inventory graphs to dashboards for up-to-the-minute analysis

Tracking & Fulfilling Return Orders

C2MMS Return Material Authorization (RMA) allows you to easily create, organize, process and track your returned orders. Once a RMA order is created, your customers can track the status of their RMA through the C2MMS system. As the RMA order moves through each stage of the fulfillment process, a Time Stamp will be logged and displayed for tracking and for future references. Reports on RMA can be generated to show which products that had the highest return rate due to defects or customer dissatisfaction.

Generate, Process, and Complete an RMA Order with Ease

  • RMA orders can be quickly generated from all of your existing sales orders
  • Once a RMA is received, C2MMS allows for streamlined refunds, exchanges, inventory adjustments and auto email notifications while providing a detailed RMA Fulfillment Trail.
  • Easily track your RMA orders & receipts with a processing trail that will provide the necessary details for future follow up

C2MMS Preventive Maintenance

C2MMS Preventive Maintenance (PM) performs routine maintenance to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs due to neglect. It is far less expensive to perform routine preventive maintenance rather than corrective maintenance due to equipment failure.

You can schedule PMs any way you want—hourly, by the day, week, month, quarter, semiannually or annually. When you enter the C2MMS dashboard, it shows you a list of the PM work that needs to be done that day. And it will issue ongoing reminders until you acknowledge and sign off that the work is complete. PM reminders have detailed instructions, pictures, diagrams, documentation, responsible staff, and other information associated with them. You can even have your PM work on a handheld or PDA.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance uses the history generated by past work to help you identify future maintenance issues and needs and predict when preventive action should be taken. Better predictive maintenance pays off with significant benefits. It can help you:

  • Plan preventive maintenance more effectively
  • Extend the life of equipment
  • Identify good equipment vendors from bad
  • Perform capital asset planning
  • Make “repair or replace?” decisions

Preventive Maintenance Systems Key Features

  • Define preventive maintenance at the Task and/or Procedure level
  • User-definable and manageable preventative maintenance groups, routes and route sequences
  • Option to manually or automatically generate and e-mail PMs
  • Maintenance Calendar for easy viewing of current and future preventive maintenance activities
  • Easily manage and control PM schedules and settings
  • Ability to update PM tasks and “publish” those updates to all associated PM schedules
  • Use planned maintenance software to easily manage work order scheduling for your labor resources
  • Modify existing schedules and easily reassign work to other labor resources
  • View PM schedules for each asset in a calendar view — by day, week, or month
  • Access multiple calendar views
  • See the labor resources and time resources required for each work order
  • Create multiple, user-definable filters to view your labor resources
  • Create multiple, user-definable filters to view your open work backlog
  • View both assigned and unassigned work orders on the calendar display
  • Easily identify work to be scheduled

Key Benefits

  • More efficient use of maintenance resources (both hourly and salaried)
  • Improvements in responsiveness and service to internal customers
  • Improvement of asset reliability and equipment up time
  • Lower unit costs and increased profitability

C2MMS Work Management

Work order tracking, work flow and automated group assignments, service & task assignments, priority levels, schedule employees and contractors, create audit trails, track labor and materials use & costs, correspond through e-mail alerts and text messaging.

Comprehensive reports that include:

  • Calculating completion ratios and performance
  • Provide cost for work items
  • Task & activity performance

Work Order System

  • Ability to have configured Work order screens with desired form layout, fields, and workflow behaviors
  • Record and track all PM and non-PM work orders and work requests in the system
  • Assign multiple employees and multiple job procedures to work orders
  • User-definable cause, failure and remedy codes specific to asset types
  • Record and track labor, parts and material costs
  • Track job time, response time, machine downtime and other metrics
  • Assign Work Orders to projects and view project history
  • Upload and attach any files such as manuals, drawings or any rich media documents and relate them to work orders
  • Print work orders in html or pdf format and customize the printed form
  • Apply user-defined filters to the list view to easily locate work orders

Work Requests

  • Improve workflow efficiency by providing a fast and easy tool for submitting work requests
  • Maintain customer satisfaction with automated alerts when customer requests are approved, rejected and completed.
  • Unlimited number of customers to easily submit requests via email that are automatically captured
  • Work request form accessible from your dashboard for easy web-based submission of work requests and service requests
  • Optional routing of requests to designated individuals for approval based on business rules
  • Sort service orders by customer, priority, region, problem type, or other user-definable filters

Benefits of using C2MMS for work order management:

  • Organizes and tracks all ongoing corrective maintenance electronically
  • Gives maintenance personnel detailed information on work assignments.
  • Allows for review of all past work orders.
  • Can help protect you, your staff and your company from liability claims. You can show what work was done when & how for proof of performance.
  • Provides work history for predictive maintenance analysis.