C2CRM Mobile CRM App

Keep Connected C2’s Mobile CRM

Clear C2 has developed a mobile platform for its C2CRM software to account for this mobile revolution. Simply, with C2CRM Mobile, you can easily stay in sync with any important information in real time from your smartphone. Companies need to be quicker to the market requiring their sales people to reach potential customers before their competition does. Sales reps are most productive when they are not at their desks and visiting customers. Being “Johnny on the spot” can be the difference between securing a new customer and or losing a sale. Having a mobile app for your CRM is critical for sales, especially in the fast-moving business environment that exists today.

Mobility Highlights

  •   Apps for IOS and Android smartphones & tablets
  •   Offered for Cloud Services and On-Premise deployments
  •   No Additional Fees for Mobile Applications – Free Access
  •   Customer specific applications reflect custom fields on app

Manage, Create, Sell, and Support from anywhere with C2CRM Mobile functionality.

With the C2CRM mobile app, your sales people can create opportunities, record meeting notes during a site visit, create appointments as well as send out price quotes and product collateral directly from their mobile devices. Your reps have a quick and simplified way to reach out to their prospects and customers without having to be at the office.

Because the C2CRM allows you to access most any record or document from your mobile device, you can now be an extension of your Customer Service Department while you’re with the customer. If a customer wants an update on an open service issue, the sales rep can provide one immediately. Customer Support organizations can also benefit from the mobile app since they do not have to be in the office to respond to customer inquiries. With greater mobility, they can have access to full capabilities of the ticketing module…even if there’s an urgent issue at hand and it’s after hours or the weekend.



  • With the C2CRM Mobile App you can easily create/modify all types of records, perform searches and view all linked records to your accounts allowing you to manage your sales, marketing, and support activities.
  • C2CRM Mobile provides continuous, real-time access to customer data to help you prepare for meetings and follow-ups with leads while you’re on the road.
  • C2CRM Mobile makes you more efficient and productive because you spend less time tracking down customer information and more time closing deals. Since all your information is at hand, you can invest your time anticipating your customers’ needs instead of on redundant tasks.
  • C2CRM Mobile allows you to focus more on building customer relationships by providing quality suggestions and answering customer concerns right away. Follow up after you’ve closed a deal and provide world-class support.


  • Access key information no matter where you are
  • Increase the efficiency of your sales process
  • Collaboration from anywhere
  • Improve customer service
  • Sales people are not blindsided by customer support issues while on a visit
  • Maintain productivity while on the road