Does your CRM have mapping capabilities? Read more to learn the benefits of having sales call mapping software built into your Customer Relationship Management system.

Not too long ago, sales reps used to travel to their customers and leads without a driving plan. They had a difficult time managing the volume of leads to nurture and the customers to visit. All they had was a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers. It was time-consuming to sort, organize and arrange their data so that they could be more efficient while on their trip.  Finding a faster way to get to each customer was a chore.

With today’s technology, CRMs can now address those concerns with the integration of mapping software that provides visual data and streamlined route planning.


CRM Mapping Functionality

Most CRMs leverage 3rd party apps such as Google Maps to obtain the mapping functionality. These maps are a simple an API call to the 3rd party app based on address fields. The resulting map is embedded in the record. Because the 3rd party apps are specialized, the maps tend to be more accurate and up-to-date while having the necessary functionality.  Several CRM systems with this functionality, by default, can display a map on Lead, Contact and Account records.

Depending on the CRM and the mapping software implemented, there are various levels of functionality available:

  • Visualize the location of an individual Lead, Contact or Account within a CRM system
  • View multiple locations on a map by manually exporting a filtered list from CRM and then importing the list into a 3rd party mapping tool
  • Implement a mapping tool that extracts data from a CRM system through the CRM system’s API in order to automate the mapping process
  • Implement a mapping solution that both extracts data from CRM and also returns data, such as geographic coordinates, back into the CRM system


Who benefits from Mapping?

Because of a CRM mapping tool’s capability to provide geographical analysis of data, many organizations within a company can benefit from using mapping software in a CRM system.



CRM Mapping is great for reps that spend a lot of the time on the road. It allows them to plan their trips ahead of time and manage their territories better.

  • Reps can cut back on their travel time and cost (gas & mileage). With step-by-step driving directions, it will allow them to spend more time selling & less time behind the wheel.
  • It can give reps the ability to visualize prospect and customer address information along with revenue data. This is key for when a salesperson is planning a trip to a part of their territory…they can benefit from being able to visualize the highest revenue accounts within an area.
  • Mapping allows reps to maximize their trips – if they are scheduled to visit an account, they can map out other customers or leads in the geographical area to fill out the rest of the day. They will be able to add new companies through the mapping and automatically add them to the CRM.
  • Reps can use the map to effectively target specific customers in an effort to increase their customer base for additional sales opportunities. Because the Mapping mechanism is integrated to the CRM, these sales opportunity records are also linked and can be visualized on a map.



Instead of using spreadsheets, sales managers can use CRM mapping software to ensure sales territories are getting proper coverage.

Management can use mapping to visualize where the opportunities are coming from, manage territories, and analyze won/loss rates based on geography.



Marketers can review the number of CRM leads and contacts within different radiuses of an upcoming event. Invitations can be sent out to those within a specific radius.

Mapping can even help marketing teams target customers more effectively and improve their campaigns.


Service departments are able to track the location of field assets and assign the appropriate support technician with the added dimension of proximity.


In the Office or On The GO

Most CRM Software systems are available for both desktop and mobile applications.  For CRM’s with mobile apps, the mapping on devices such as smartphones and tablets mobile devices is fairly straight forward because of the built-in GPS and Mapping apps that are available.  For desktop applications, there is an advantage of being able to map out your next day’s travel plans the night before on your PC and printing it out.  If both applications are using the same mapping tool then the travel plan can be saved from one device to the other.


C2CRM Mapping Capabilities

C2CRM has robust mapping capabilities in both its desktop and mobile applications.  Since it is powered by Google Maps via an API integration, it has advanced geo-location map features such as:

  • multi-point pinning/marker clustering for planning multiple customer daily trips
  • provides route planning for multiple locations with step-by-step directions
  • has radius proximity for target marketing of accounts and leads
  • from multiple terrain types, customized maps with drawing capability can be created

….and much more.

C2CRM can display custom information from the CRM onto the map for easier planning and analysis.  Clicking on a location can open the company record where you can access other pertinent info such as opportunity and activity transactions.  Create detailed sales reports from your geo-based data.  After your planning is complete, you can print the map and directions for the next day’s trip.



CRM Mapping is the future of sales. Management is always looking for ways to increase the efficiency in their teams to make them more productive. CRM Mapping helps sales reps get the most out of their trips. It helps them understand their customers better and see their CRM data in a whole new way. Because of this, management is also recognizing that it can be an important CRM adoption factor for salespeople as well.

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