C2CRM for Higher Education

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Create, Manage and Communicate throughout the Lifecycle of Prospect, Applicant, Student, to Alumni

C2CRM’s higher education CRM software provides a 360-degree view throughout each stage of the student lifecycle. Prospect recruitment, admissions, student success operations, alumni, event management, communications, marketing, and reporting and analytics in one central location.

Higher Education Marketing & Communications

Create and track on-going communications via mass emails, texts, phone, social media or direct mail. Personalized messaging to each contact based on their preferred method of communication. Lead Management tracks your student recruiting with access to every task and activity.  Marketing campaigns with automated follow-ups strengthen your relationships with recruits, students, alumni, and donors.

Higher Education Record Management

Create and capture unlimited types of records including prospective and current students, alumni, and other educational organizations in one centralized database. Link multiple records based on family, friends, and business connections. Easily search, sort and filter any data in our CRM system for real-time analysis and reports. Accessible to everyone in your organization that has secured, role-based permissions.

Alumni & Donor Relations

Collect and manage data on all alumni and donor constituents including individuals and businesses. Generate and track pledge reminders directly while having real-time reports of all communication, feedback and interest levels. Track goals and opportunities with real-time analytics in reports and/or on custom dashboards.

Stay Connected & Streamline your Processes with C2’s CRM for Educational Organizations


Streamline your recruitment and admissions processes. Track and manage all communications and activities with your leads. Create custom web forms. Automate responses, routing, and escalations.

Reports & Analytics

Any data in C2CRM is easily be searched, sorted and analyzed. This information is viewed in reports, charts or graphs with drill-down capabilities. Custom reports are easy to create and can be viewed in real-time or system delivered.


C2CRM’s import tool allows imports of suspect lists, applications, test scores and more directly into the system. Advanced de-duplication processes keep your data clean and up to date.

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