C2MMS Maintenance Management Software Overview

C2MMS is maintenance management software from ClearC2.  C2MMS puts you in control of scheduled maintenance, vendor repairs, work orders, RMA processing, security and audit processing, equipment inventory, and on-call management.  C2MMS leverages our flagship product C2CRM, an award-winning manufacturing crm platform, for its flexibility and ease of use. C2MMS can be sold as a software and hardware solution on quality IBM equipment or by itself, depending on the customer’s configuration. A wide variety of bundles offer ultimate flexibility to meet your computing environment needs.  C2MMS is platform and vendor independent. It’s available on a variety of platforms including IBM’s system i, system p, system z and system x.  C2MMS supports Operating Systems on these platforms such as Windows, IBM i, UNIX and Linux.  It is available on any Microsoft Windows Server supported hardware-with databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 as the reporting database and IBM Lotus Domino as the application server.

Core of C2MMS System

  • Activity Management
  • Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards & Screens
  • Calendar Integration
  • Workflow
  • Security

Preventative Maintenance Management

  • Auto-scheduling of maintenance
  • Pre-defined templates applied at each level of asset
  • Proactive Compliance Measures

Asset Management

  • Asset Definition – Custom Attributes
  • Audit Management – Compliance & performance measurements
  • Case Management – Trouble ticket creation & tracking
  • Site/Equipment Management – restrictions & government compliance

Work Management

  • Work orders – Specific Task Creation and Management
  • Work histories – Reporting and Analysis
  • Vendor Repairs – Authorization Tracking and Work Approval
  • Resource Allocation Management: on-call calendar, shift turn-over notes, training

Life Cycle Management

  • Site/Equipment Work-in-Process
  • Inventory Management
  • Specialized Equipment Management
  • Return Material Authorization Tracking

If you’re looking for a solution that has the ultimate customization and flexibility, without high-costs or complexity, look no further than C2MMS.