C2MMS System Architecture

The ClearC2 Product Family has it origin in the evolution of browser based applications which started in the mid to late 1990’s. Using the early browser as a client and connected over communication lines that were a fraction of the speed of today’s standards, the need for client to server asynchronous communications arose to eliminate processing and network wait time. The ClearC2 system was developed using an architecture that uses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to send data in XML (Extensible Markup Language), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), keyed value pairs, and other objects between the browser client and the server. This system, now on its third generation, is referred to as the ClearC2 Object. The ClearC2 Object, therefore, is a middle transport and interpretation layer between the client user interface and the server application logic. Hence, customization at the user interface, as well as at the application logic level can be achieved easily and rapidly using the ClearC2 Object toolset.


Supported Components

  • Name Functionality
    Supported Browser Clients IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
    Application Layer PHP
    Supported WebServers Microsoft Internet Information Server(IIS) IBM Websphere Application Server Apache
    Supported Databases Microsoft SQL ,Oracle, MySQL IBM
    Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Server , Linux IBM

Recommended Configuration For ClearC2 Server

The ClearC2 System can execute on a single server functioning as the web server, PHP server, database server and reporting server. In larger installations of over 2500 users, ClearC2 may recommend a separate reporting server and database server. The recommended single server installation is the following:


Operating System: Windows Server
Database: Microsoft SQL
PHP Version: Minimum of 5.4
WebServer: Microsoft IIS


Latest Intel processor
32GB of Memory
RAID10 System with 300GB useable storage
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity