C2MMS Asset Management

C2MMS has Complete Asset Tracking & Management

Be able to locate equipment, warranty information, attach images and electronic operating manuals for quick reference, set up automated preventive maintenance schedules, track repair history and related costs. Manage parts, purchase orders (including parts) and Overhead information including vendors, users, sites, audit-logs, etc.

Asset Management

  •  Intuitive Asset Group definition
  •  Flexible asset creation: Manual, template, open interface / business API
  •  Ability to change an asset number without losing its attributes and history
  •  Parent / child asset hierarchy with cost rollup
  •  Support for all types of asset locations: User-defined areas, internal inventory locations,  external physical locations, etc.
  •  Fully supported asset moves and asset transfers, preserving asset attribute integrity, maintenance strategy and history
  •  Ability to associate assets to production equipment
  •  Equipment downtime visibility for production planning
  •  Asset check-in / check-out
  •  User-specified asset operations log

Key Features

  • Configure asset screen and field layouts to your specifications
  • Add or link graphics and other multi-media files to asset records
  • Upload meter readings and use to trigger Preventive Maintenance
  • Relate parts and Bills of Materials to assets
  • Store and display assets in a hierarchical structure
  • Easily create and edit records for equipment, components and subcomponents
  • Track nameplate information and determine which fields are exposed and populated
  • Define asset criticality or priority ratings
  • Support for depreciation of assets
  • Duplicate equipment specs to minimize data entry
  • Upload manuals, drawings, contracts or any rich media documents and relate them to assets

Reporting and Asset Tracking

  • Easily view all work history and charges related to each asset
  • Track Warranty information
  • Generate barcode labels for any asset
  • Produce customized “cost and repair” reports for components
  • Track and report on component failures and number of occurrences
  • Reports can be auto-generated and emailed on a pre-set schedule
  • Easily add asset graphs to dashboards for up-to-the-minute KPIs