ClearC2 Life Cycle Management

Every asset has a lifecycle status. The key to effective asset management is knowing where in its lifecycle a particular asset is—at any given moment—and whether that asset is capable of providing its intended value. If you know the current lifecycle state of any given asset then you can strategically plan updates/replacements, budget, install, move, add, change, and procure activities. C2MMS provides the specific set of business practices that join financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support lifecycle management and strategic decision making for assets within a business.

Maintenance Inventory Tracking

  • Full Requisitioning, Purchasing, and Receiving capabilities
  • Configure screen and field layouts to your specifications
  • Barcode tracking software capability
  • Manage multiple inventory locations
  • Track cost of parts issued and returned against work orders
  • Manage stock and non-stock parts and materials
  • Auto-issue parts when a PM work order is closed
  • Select FIFO or LIFO inventory accounting methods
  • Relate parts to assets and PMs for easy issuing
  • Wireless maintenance inventory software with the C2MMS Mobile App

Inventory Management Reporting

  • Easily locate inventory items with user-defined filters
  • Track supplier history
  • Create customized comprehensive inventory transaction reports
  • View and print parts requirements for upcoming PMs
  • Analyze usage of stock and non-stock items
  • Produce detailed and summary inventory valuation reports
  • Output reports as graphs and automatically email them
  • Barcode tracking software capability
  • Easily add inventory graphs to dashboards for up-to-the-minute analysis

Tracking & Fulfilling Return Orders

C2MMS Return Material Authorization (RMA) allows you to easily create, organize, process and track your returned orders. Once a RMA order is created, your customers can track the status of their RMA through the C2MMS system. As the RMA order moves through each stage of the fulfillment process, a Time Stamp will be logged and displayed for tracking and for future references. Reports on RMA can be generated to show which products that had the highest return rate due to defects or customer dissatisfaction.

Generate, Process, and Complete an RMA Order with Ease

  • RMA orders can be quickly generated from all of your existing sales orders
  • Once a RMA is received, C2MMS allows for streamlined refunds, exchanges, inventory adjustments and auto email notifications while providing a detailed RMA Fulfillment Trail.
  • Easily track your RMA orders & receipts with a processing trail that will provide the necessary details for future follow up