C2MMS reventive Maintenance

C2MMS Preventive Maintenance (PM) performs routine maintenance to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs due to neglect. It is far less expensive to perform routine preventive maintenance rather than corrective maintenance due to equipment failure.

You can schedule PMs any way you want—hourly, by the day, week, month, quarter, semiannually or annually. When you enter the C2MMS dashboard, it shows you a list of the PM work that needs to be done that day. And it will issue ongoing reminders until you acknowledge and sign off that the work is complete. PM reminders have detailed instructions, pictures, diagrams, documentation, responsible staff, and other information associated with them. You can even have your PM work on a handheld or PDA.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance uses the history generated by past work to help you identify future maintenance issues and needs and predict when preventive action should be taken. Better predictive maintenance pays off with significant benefits. It can help you:

  • Plan preventive maintenance more effectively
  • Extend the life of equipment
  • Identify good equipment vendors from bad
  • Perform capital asset planning
  • Make “repair or replace?” decisions

Preventive Maintenance Systems Key Features

  • Define preventive maintenance at the Task and/or Procedure level
  • User-definable and manageable preventative maintenance groups, routes and route sequences
  • Option to manually or automatically generate and e-mail PMs
  • Maintenance Calendar for easy viewing of current and future preventive maintenance activities
  • Easily manage and control PM schedules and settings
  • Ability to update PM tasks and “publish” those updates to all associated PM schedules
  • Use planned maintenance software to easily manage work order scheduling for your labor resources
  • Modify existing schedules and easily reassign work to other labor resources
  • View PM schedules for each asset in a calendar view — by day, week, or month
  • Access multiple calendar views
  • See the labor resources and time resources required for each work order
  • Create multiple, user-definable filters to view your labor resources
  • Create multiple, user-definable filters to view your open work backlog
  • View both assigned and unassigned work orders on the calendar display
  • Easily identify work to be scheduled

Key Benefits

  • More efficient use of maintenance resources (both hourly and salaried)
  • Improvements in responsiveness and service to internal customers
  • Improvement of asset reliability and equipment up time
  • Lower unit costs and increased profitability