C2CRM Marketing Automation

Marketing Campaign Management

Campaign Management centralizes the development, execution and monitoring of campaigns across multiple channels (i.e., tradeshows, email, direct mail, or phone campaigns). It provides a step-by-step marketing process to be used to engage and sell a prospect or existing customer. Workflow provides for automated task assignment. Collaborative marketing communications is accomplished via your preferred method of contact. You can personalize the promotion of your products and services based on a customer’s individual needs. Additionally, you achieve better visibility into the effectiveness of marketing expenditures by measuring campaign results (budget, channel, expected revenue, profit, win rate, etc.)…from ‘initial lead’ status to ‘closed opportunity’.

Marketing Highlights

  •  Marketing Campaign Management with effectiveness metrics
  •  List Management with Lead
  •  Importing (Spreadsheet Uploads)
  •  CRM Lead Creation through Website Integration
  •  Mass Email Marketing with Scheduled Communications
  •  Custom Form Letter Templates with HTML Editor
  •  Collateral and Document Management System


  • Workflow automatically issues tasks & emails to team members either in parallel or sequentially in relation to the next campaign step. Issues reminders & escalation notices to team members for prompt step completion.
  • Can create a library of campaign templates each with their own team members and multiple-channel drop-down lists
  • Manage web media, email, newsletter subscriptions, telesales, print advertising, radio advertising, etc.
  • Track campaigns based on campaign type, account, or industry so salespeople understand why customers responded
  • Measure campaign effectiveness based on a variety of attributes, including leads created, new opportunities and closed-won deals
  • Able to include outside companies as members of the campaign and assign email tasks


  • Monitor campaign effectiveness across marketing and sales stages
  • Create campaign routing and approvals across multiple departments to ensure acceptance/completion of steps
  • Discover which campaigns produce the most revenue and use as a measuring stick for future ones
  • Track campaign ROI by linking opportunities to specific campaigns

Lead Management

Lead Management gives marketing professionals the tools to manage prospects and existing customers. Qualify and track leads from multiple campaigns and hand them off to the responsible sales representative. Ensure prospects lists are valid and marketing offers are coordinated. With C2CRM Lead Management, companies have the tools to populate the pipeline with more qualified leads.


  • With the C2CRM List Management Module, create accurate target lists based on mapping & importing of third-party lead lists (spreadsheets) obtained at trade shows, purchased through publications, etc. These imported lists generated from various lead sources can be managed and linked to specific marketing campaigns.
  • Segment leads based on industry, channel, lead source, geography or other attributes to build offers that address prospect needs
  • Close the loop between marketing and sales by automating the lead hand-off process. Design business rules to route the lead to the correct salesperson based on territory, team or specialty.


  • Segment leads based on the attributes that drive your business
  • Automatically capture and assign leads across multiple channels
  • Convert leads to opportunities and ensure appropriate follow-up
  • Create leads automatically through integration to website

Email Marketing Management

With Email Marketing, C2CRM allows marketing managers to identify the correct target for a given campaign, create offers that convey the brand identity of the organization and monitor the response rates once a campaign is executed. Emails can be sent as one-offs or use the Marketing Communications module which is a rich broadcast messaging system designed to allow users to create scheduled communications for a select/targeted audience and broadcast as mass mail. With this capability, thousands of contacts can be “touched” and the action logged onto individual contact/prospect records for future referral.


  • Create ADHOC single or mass emails that are word-merged and have the ability to attach documents from the collateral library then be made available
  • Create HTML form letter templates and design tools to ensure your best presentation to customers. A menu of these templates can then be available to marketing & sales reps using the system.
  • Create newsletters and schedule mass email communications on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Track/Monitor email marketing responses, including delivery, open emails, click-throughs, unsubscribed, and leads generated to ensure campaigns reach the intended audience


  • Ensure campaigns are brand consistent and coordinated across customer channels
  • Monitor campaign execution to ensure offers reach the targeted audience
  • Track and assign opportunities to campaign leads
  • Automated updating of prospect’s & contact’s record when opt-out option is chosen
  • Track delivery, open, and click-through percentages of email campaigns

Collateral & Document Management System

Company-wide documents of any format type including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, HTML, multimedia or graphics files can be stored in the Collateral (Documents & Images) library for everyone to view. A query tool can quickly search & locate documents by any parameter such as description, customer, type, version, category, document owner, account rep, etc. Customer-specific documents can be displayed on the company & contact records. Forms (i.e. quotes) and letters that emailed out of the C2CRM email marketing system have the ability to attach any document from the collateral database.


  • Management of documentation/collateral in a central repository
  • Ability to apply security rules to make documents public or private
  • Ability to link collateral/document to specific customers
  • Ability to version-control documentation


  • Ensures standardization of documents sent to the customer
  • Prevents usage of outdated documentation
  • Can be used for non-marketing collateral such as engineering drawings

C2CRM Marketing Automation Features/Functionality

For a detailed list of features click here.

Lead Management

  • Ability to import leads from internal/external data sources (e.g., uploads of spreadsheets, Websites, email from contacts, external databases, etc.) and track the source of the lead
  • Ability to create prospect records from lead import and manually or automatically via workflow assignment to individuals based on business rules
  • Qualify leads for an opportunity status against predefined criteria in an action plan, predefined business rules, script, or sales methodology
  • Ability to promote prospects to contacts within the same database (in a separate silo)

Campaign Planning & Management

  • Create, track and analyze marketing campaigns
  • Ability to plan and schedule campaigns down to tasks, start dates, end dates, priorities and reminders based on a pre-set schedule of tasks
  • Allow user to plan targeting, spend, and marketing mix for a campaign
  • Ability to create user-defined campaign types, sub-types, etc.
  • Record all details of a campaign including spend, lists used, dates, times, costs, responses, free text notes etc. and allow simple querying to retrieve this information and cross reference against other campaigns
  • Track opportunities generated from marketing campaigns
  • Store campaign activity against each contact record included in the campaigns e.g. email or mailing sent, timing, piece itself, if appropriate
  • Campaign document archive facility retaining full details of campaign (e.g. PDF of brochure, details of when sent, to whom, costs and response etc.)
  • Able to construct a complex list in a single query built from different areas of the database (both positively adding and suppressing contacts)
  • Can construct a query with an unlimited number of “and” and “or”
  • Create, save, filter, edit and make ongoing modifications to campaign lists
  • Edit and save query templates for future use
  • Can run letter and label mail merges directly from data queries
  • Able to segment, classify and target contacts by interest, geography and other demographics
  • Provision of list management tools for importing, segmenting, exporting, and analyzing incoming lists of leads
  • Tie revenue back to a specific campaign

Email Campaign – Communication/List Management

  • Can integrate real-time with CRM via customer portals and company web pages to allow lead- capture, “one-click” automatic opt-in/out captures, surveys, method of contact preference selection, etc.
  • Set up and store individual or a series of email campaigns as part of wider campaigns with details of dates, times, notes etc.
  • Ability to schedule automated emails based on customers’ contact with web sites, demographics, product interest, downloads, subscription expirations and purchase history
  • E-campaigns can be scheduled to send at later dates or times
  • Unlimited number of email campaigns that can be stored at one time or number of records that can be sent for an email campaign at one time
  • Ability to provide “Drip” or “Conveyor-Belt” Marketing type messaging.

Email Content Management

  • Ability to create/edit email content from scratch using a simple form letter HTML editor
  • Store emails by campaign folders to facilitate to organization (not just one big list of everything ever sent)
  • Range of preset templates in system to choose from
  • Ability to define email format (HTML, plain text, etc.) and save templates for repurposing
  • Capability to import HTML email templates into the system
  • Ability to personalize email templates – e.g. insert merged fields with a single click (e.g. FIRST NAME, JOB TITLE, ADDRESS, etc.)
  • Can send slightly different content to different segments of list within same campaign (e.g. past attendees versus new contacts)

Email Bounce Management

  • Includes tools to manage auto-response (e.g. out-of office notification, white-list inclusion requests), bounce back management (hard bounce, soft bounce, false positives)
  • Bounce tracking and update tools e.g. undeliverable, unsubscribe, and rules to allow flagging of soft bounces after a specific period of time

Tracking & Reporting of Email Campaigns

  • Set up and store individual or a series of email campaigns as part of wider campaigns with details of dates, times, notes, copy of email etc.
  • Includes tools to enable calculation of bounce rate, open rate, click-through rate (CTR), Opt out rate
  • Can easily view statistics at snapshot or campaign level
  • Can export stats and show email stats in comparison with other marketing channels used on a single campaign
  • Ability to share reports online
  • Automatically attach the content of Sent and Received emails to individual contact records

Collateral Management

  • Management of documentation/collateral in a central repository
  • Ability to apply security rules to make documents public or private
  • Ability to link collateral/document to specific customers
  • Ability to version-control documentation