C2CRM Sales Force Automation

C2CRM Sales Automation Software

The Sales Automation solution is included in the Sales Edition pricing package and offers the capabilities required for seamless, efficient Sales Force Automation. It allows the sales representative to track and share contacts and opportunities, manage and upsell into existing accounts, forecast revenue, monitor performance through dashboards and manage quotes. Your attention can now be focused on the most profitable deals. The solution will allow you to bring new sales reps up to speed, present more effective presentations and proposals to customers and better monitor quota progress and business performance.

Sales Automation Highlights

  •  Opportunity Management System with configurable sales process methodologies
  •  Line-item Quoting System that can be standalone or coupled with an opportunity
  •  Free Form or Integrated Product & Services Catalog
  •  Forecasting system that is user-friendly ensuring compliance
  •  Custom Sales Management Dashboard with Pipeline Charts & Graphs

Opportunity Management

The Opportunity Management system allows you to track company revenue, margins, close probability and date, marketing events, and lead source. Furthermore, users can easily create high-quality pipeline reports in a matter of seconds. Your team will be able to close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information, tracking deal progress and recording deal-related interactions. C2CRM has the ability to incorporate popular sales methodologies such as Miller Heiman, Solution Selling and Spin Selling. We also offer the flexibility for you to customize the sales process to your business model.


  • Roll-up and analyze opportunities from across your organization. Understand how different units are performing and what improvements can be made. Track and manage multiple opportunities through real-time reporting. Using territory management, view opportunities by team, product or geography in charts and then drill down to understand how the opportunity is progressing
  • Customize the application to reflect how your organization tracks opportunities or use the standard methodologies C2CRM offers
  • Ensure follow-through as opportunities progress across sales stages. Establish certain actions that need to be taken and automate reminders to ensure that teams and individuals take the necessary steps to close the sale
  • Create custom opportunity management dashboards with drill-down capabilities that incorporate real-time information


  • Configure sales methodologies to reflect your business requirements
  • Share opportunity information across sales reps and their respective teams
  • Increase sales productivity through standardized sales processes
  • Ensure effective opportunity handling through collaboration and workflow

Quotes & Proposals

The Quotes & Proposals system enables your sales team to generate complex quotes on the fly and link them to specific opportunities, whether you need to generate a new quote, copy from an existing quote, or import values from any configurator that provides text-based output. Strong version control functionality ensures reps can more easily manage multiple versions of quotes. Feeding into the quoting system is Products & Services which is essentially a catalog of a company’s offerings. The product catalog handles all pricing, margin management, and maintenance costs. In the Products and Services module, product/services records can be created manually or automatically via the establishment of an integration point with your existing ERP/Accounting system to retrieve the latest product pricing either real-time or through nightly batch uploads.


  • Customize a multi-lined form to mirror your existing quotes
  • Integrate with the C2CRM Product & Services Module or use the ADHOC, free-form input capability
  • Create quotes with different versions or multiple quotes that roll-up to the same opportunity
  • Create quote templates, complete with Terms & Conditions, which can be saved as a PDF file and emailed to the customer directly out of the system


  • Use as standalone system for quick-turnaround sales or associate it with a long-term sales opportunity
  • Ensure pricing accuracy with product catalog integration and automated manager approval process
  • Manage multiple quote revisions in a single location
  • A consolidated view of customer agreements and products purchased


C2CRM gives sales representatives and managers the ability to generate accurate forecasts based on sales data in the system. Managers can create, assign and edit quotas for their team, roll-up forecasts across individuals and teams, and measure forecast accuracy relative to commit amounts. Sales reps can input and track their planned yearly revenue. C2CRM can integrate to a back office ERP/Accounting system to retrieve sales data (orders book & shipped). With this import of information now available in the system, executive reports that show the entire forecast accuracy landscape can be automatically created.


  • Using the reporting tool, leverage sales opportunity and sales stage information within C2CRM to develop more meaningful and accurate sales forecasts
  • Consolidate sales forecasts from individuals, teams or divisions to gain a macro view of how the company is performing relative to quota


  • Generate more accurate forecasts with user-friendly forecast templates
  • Create comprehensive executive reports using quota, forecast and orders booked/shipped data

C2CRM Sales Automation Features/Functionality

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Opportunity Management

  • Totally customizable opportunity screen
  • Ability to search & filter opportunities using the built in Query Tool. Complex queries using and/or can be saved for private or public consumption and archived for future use
  • When creating an opportunity from a company and contact record, demographics are inherited in the new opportunity record
  • Ability to have multiple opportunity owners in addition to the account manager
  • Use established sales methodologies such as Miller Heiman, spin selling, solutions selling, etc. or create your own customized methodology by modifying the “Close Probability”, “Status”, “Stage” and “Estimated Close Date” fields
  • Use workflow to automatically assign “close probability” based on the “stage” chosen
  • Use workflow to automatically notify the account manager, opportunity owner, opportunity approver or anyone else when certain conditions occur
  • Ability to have manual AD HOC notification to individuals for one-off specific opportunities
  • Opportunity revenue & margin can be standalone or linked to a quote(s)
  • Ability to upload attachments from your computer to the opportunity record. In cases when your quotes are complex or generated by a configurator, this feature allows you to attach external quotes to the opportunity in place of the internal quotes generated by the system
  • Includes a “See All Related” section for a 360 degree view of all customer “touches” related to the opportunity (i.e. Quotes, Tasks, Emails, Contacts, other opportunities in the account, etc.)


  • Totally customizable opportunity screen
  • Ability to search & filter quotes in Quote Log using the built in Query Tool. Complex queries using and/or can be saved for private or public consumption and archived for future use
  • When creating a quote from a company, contact or opportunity record, demographics are inherited in the new quote record
  • Ability to have multiple quote owners
  • Use workflow to automatically notify the Quote Approver when “Status” field indicates approval needed. Ability to prevent further progress on quote status until approval is attained.
  • Ability to automatically or manually notify others when a quote has been created or modified
  • Ability to issue system-generated quotes numbers or customized per your numbering methodology
  • Ability to have multiple versions of the same quote
  • Ability to push quote to your backend Accounting or ERP system via a permanent integration point (i.e. web services, etc.)
  • Totally customizable Line Item Form with “free form and drop-down field” capability, as well as a built-in capability for a Product and Services Catalog/Warehouse
  • Ability to print (within the system) the quote (with Ts and Cs) utilizing a library of templates based on product/service type
  • Ability to email (within the system) quote as a pdf file complete with messaging and attachments capability

Products & Services Catalog/Warehouse

  • Totally customizable product/service screen
  • Ability to search & filter products/services in Product/Service Log using the built in Query Tool. Complex queries using and/or can be saved for private or public consumption and archived for future use
  • Manually or import (via integration) pertinent Product/Service data such as product ID, price, cost, etc.
  • Ability to track inventory (with integration point) using Customer/Dealer, Quantity Allocated, Quantity Available, Quantity Back Ordered and Quantity Re-order Level fields
  • Ability to create/configure kits using multiple products/services


  • Ability to easily create revenue forecasts on opportunity record “date range” picker
  • Ability to create forecast tracking reports when sales quotas are inputted into the system and booked/shipped orders are imported into the system via integration
  • Ability to create product forecasts within Products & Services catalog

Sales Management Dashboard

  • Totally customizable Sales Management Dashboard complete with charts, graphs and record logs for leads and opportunities (i.e. Opportunities by Stage, Won/Loss Revenue by Time Period, Sales Activities by Performer, Leads by Account Manager, etc.)
  • Available workspace for each user to create their own dashboards with drag & drop capability.
  • Charts and graphs have hover and drill down capability to expose underlying records used to generate them


  • Using the robust Reporting Tool, we have generated numerous reports for your consumption such as Weekly Update, Customer Orders, Product Orders, YTD Forecast, Closed Opportunities, Sales Pipeline, Won/Lost Graph, Close Probability Funnel, etc.
  • Reports include performer & Date Range capability
  • Reports have capability to be scheduled as well as downloaded to PDF and MS documents such as Excel.