What is CRM?

by | Jun 27, 2017 | 0 comments

Are you new to CRM and investigating an automated tool to replace your current method of managing your contacts & activities?  Maybe you’re using your email system or spreadsheets to manually track and record key customer info.  If you’re ready to take it to the next level then a CRM is what you need to survive in today’s competitive marketplace.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been around for years and has been defined in many different ways.  In its simplest terms, CRM is a software tool that in most cases:

  • provides customer-centric functionality with the end goal of improving bottom-line revenue metrics while enabling the achievement of your company’s vision statement
  • incorporates a centralized database using a web-based server platform (located on your premises or hosted by a vendor “in the cloud”)…this allows for multiple access to shared data
  • it provides a 360 degree view of all customer info collected by the system allowing all users to see the same data under each account…this fosters collaboration between departments/organizations since all users potentially have access to the same data providing consistent messaging to the customer
  • promotes customer satisfaction and retention by allowing users to respond to customers more quickly with more accurate & synergistic information…it is estimated that U.S. companies lose half their customers every 5 years…it is much more difficult to capture new customers than it is hold onto your current ones
  • ensures data integrity via automated efficient processes leading to higher user adoption of the system…leading to better executive decision-making via reporting
  • provides sales, customer service and marketing capabilities (in addition to relationship Management) when enterprise CRMs such as C2CRM are deployed

The most successful companies today consistently demonstrate the ability to identify, understand and cater to the needs and demands of quality customers. Your competitors are most likely using a CRM…don’t be left behind!