C2CRM Relationship Management

C2CRM Relationship Management Software

Managing customer data has never been easier. With the Relationship Management solution (included in the Sales Edition pricing package), valuable customer information is in a central, secure repository for quick access and sharing by all customer-facing and support personnel, providing a unified customer experience. It is the heart of C2CRM, providing users with information about companies and the people within these companies. All screens, field names and drop-down menus can be easily modified to the unique information requirements of the organization.

Relationship Key Features

  •  Company/Contact Management
  •  Activity Management
  •  Email Integration to external email systems
  •  Self-Service Portals for Partners, Vendors & Customers
  •  Robust Security Team-based Structure
  •  Workflow Management for Automation of Business Processes
  •  Role-based Custom Dashboards
  •  Graphical & Parameter-Driven Reports


  • The Security/Team Management provides a hierarchical security structure that is user-definable at every level of the application suite. Users can create multiple security profiles containing different managerial, technical, and sales resources, and specify degrees of document access — from reader to full editor. The robust nature of the security structure in combination with C2CRM’s role-based methodology allows partners, vendors and customers to be users of the system with varying degrees of functionality – self-service portals can be created to gain access to data in the system.
  • The Mail and Calendar component provides an internal calendar on the landing page of the application to track & identify tasks and appointments generated in C2CRM. Calendar and task integration is available with Microsoft Outlook Exchange. Basic calendar and task integration is available with any email system that is compatible with the iCal standard. In addition, “email correspondence logging” is available on all email systems.
  • C2CRM Custom Dashboards are available in all modules in C2CRM – sales, customer support, project management and marketing. They are role-based and can reside on your landing page after you log into the system depending on whether you are a sales rep, CSR, project manager, marketing professional or executive. Your implementation project manager can assist you in developing dashboards that present the pertinent data you need at your fingertips in a graphical format.
  • Workflow Management automates the tracking and distribution of a variety of documents, such as tasks, activities, opportunities and trouble tickets. Based on your needs, audit any field on any document in C2CRM and apply it to your specific business processes. And there’s no need to worry about creating workflows on your own – it’s ClearC2’s delivery model to provide this consulting & implementation service free of charge.


  • Share account information across marketing, sales and support departments
  • Sales reps can work within Outlook or C2CRM with advanced integration with Exchange
  • See information as it happens with real-time performance dashboards. Share dashboards with team members to align goals
  • Manage access based on user profile and expose employees only to the information they need to know

Account/Contact Management

C2CRM Account/Contact Management provides a single view of customers across products, geographies, accounts, and status. In one single page, users see not only account information, but all associated sales opportunities, contacts, activities, history, cases and quotes. Your organization will have the ability to build tighter, more profitable relationships by understanding the status of each account. Users can create a company, contact and prospect “rolodex system” that records the appropriate demographics for your business.


  • During the implementation process, we can import contacts from a variety of data sources using our import utility C2CRM supports data transfer formats for Microsoft Outlook, Excel and CSV formats as well as other CRM systems
  • Automatically ensure good data quality through de-duplication checks which scan for similar contact records upon import
  • Merge similar records in a few simple steps. With the record merge feature, companies can combine information from multiple records to create a single master, reducing duplicate contacts while increasing data cleanliness
  • When creating records in the system, our type-ahead feature displays contacts already input, reducing duplicate contacts


  • Understand account status and parent-child relationships for enterprise accounts
  • Ensure consistent interactions with customers
  • Know what departments are “working” your account and the status before walking in
  • Build a database of “related contacts” and report on their relationships with your customers

Activity Management

The Activity Management module provides users the ability to record, workflow and view archived sales activities from customer communication to service related issues. Users have the ability to enter personal tasks as well as assign tasks to others. Activity forms can be customized to capture any data that is crucial to the success of your business – from sales call reports to outbound marketing call scripts. Management reports can be automatically generated to track team and individual activities based on data captured in any field on any activity record.


  • Convert any currently-used paper form to an electronic custom form in C2CRM and workflow & report on its contents
  • Create custom call scripting for outbound sales & marketing organizations to qualify leads
  • C2CRM uses workflow for A/B/C customer priority auto-scheduling of appointments
  • Create custom activity screens that fit the “day-in-the-life” process of each type of user to ensure application usage efficiency


  • Present user-specific information about sales opportunities and progress
  • Consolidate sales information from across the business for executives
  • Customize charts and reports based on key metrics
  • Drill down on charts to understand account progress and individual performance

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