ClearC2 Marketing Collateral

Clearly Different. Clearly Better.

C2CRM Highlights

The C2CRM Highlights page lists some of the key highlights of the product and some of the major differentiators in a concise “quick-read” format.   C2CRM Highlights Webpage

C2CRM Sales Benefits

The Description of C2CRM Sales Benefits document provides extensive detail on all the major sales benefits of the C2CRM solution including: Improve Account Management; Improve Sales Representatives’ Effectiveness; Improve Forecasting; Increase Customer Retention, etc.   C2CRM Sales Benefits PDF Download

C2CRM Brochure

The C2CRM Brochure discusses the various CRM pricing packages, integration options, system architecture/platform, implementation & support delivery models and solution differentiators.   C2CRM Brochure PDF Download

C2CRM Solution Description

The C2CRM Solution Description document describes every major module (Relationship Management, Sales Automation, Customer Service, Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence) in the ClearC2 application detailing its functionality.   CRM Core Components Webpage