C2CRM Solution Description

CRM Role-Based Solution

C2CRM is a feature-rich, easy-to-use CRM system for companies who want an integrated web-based solution to provide access to customer information. C2 consists of four strategic components grouped together to provide a comprehensive CRM solution: Relationship Management, Sales Management, Customer Service, and Marketing Management. Understanding that different companies have different needs, the design flexibility allows customers to choose only the functions they need and grow the solution as their business demands.

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Core CRM Module

The core CRM module is the “guts” of the C2CRM system providing the underlying baseline feature set needed to operate the system. It contains modules such as administration management, security/team management, reporting, mail/calendar integration, custom dashboards, workflow management, etc.

The Administration Management component of our CRM provides the ability to set up and manage user profiles in C2CRM and facilitate the following modules:

The Security/Team Management module provides a hierarchical security structure that is user-definable at every level of the application suite. Users can create multiple security profiles containing different managerial, technical, and sales resources and specifying degrees of document access — from reader only to full editor. The robust nature of the security structure in combination with C2CRM’s role-based methodology allows partners, vendors and customers to be users of the system with varying degrees of functionality…self-service portals can be created to gain access to data in the system.
The C2CRM Mail and Calendar component provides an internal calendar on the landing page of the application to track & identify tasks & appointments generated in C2CRM. Full advanced bisynchronous calendar and task integration is available with Microsoft Outlook Exchange. Basic calendar and task integration is available with any mail system that is compatible with the iCal standard. Email correspondence logging is available with all mail systems.
C2CRM Custom Dashboards are available in all modules in C2CRM…whether they reside on your landing page after you log into the system or in the sales, customer service or marketing menus in the system. Your implementation project manager can assist you in developing dashboards that present the pertinent data you need at your fingertips in a graphical format. These dashboards can also be role-based depending on whether you are a sales rep, CSR, marketing professional or executive. On the left is an example of a sales executive dashboard:
Workflow Management automates the tracking and distribution of a variety of documents, such as tasks, activities, opportunities and trouble tickets. Based on your needs, audit any field on any document in C2CRM and apply it to your specific business processes.

Relationship Management

Managing customer data has never been easier. With Relationship Management, valuable customer information is in a central, secure repository for quick accessing and sharing by all customer-facing and support personnel, providing a unified customer experience. It is the heart of C2CRM, providing users with information about companies and the people within these companies. All field names and drop-down menus can be easily modified to the unique information requirements of the organization.

Activity Management provides users the ability to record, workflow and view archived and scheduled sales activities from customer communication to service related issues. Users have the ability to enter personal tasks as well as assign tasks to others.

Sales Force Automation

The Opportunities & Forecasting system allows a company to track revenue, margins, close probability and date, marketing events, and lead source. Furthermore, users can easily create high-quality pipeline and forecast reports in a matter of seconds.

The Quotes & Proposals module enables your sales team to generate complex quotes on the fly and link them to specific opportunities. Whether you need to generate a new quote, copy from an existing quote, or import values from any configurator that provides text-based output.
Products & Services is essentially a catalog of a company’s offerings via back office integration. This module feeds into the Quotes & Proposals system and handles all pricing, margin management, and maintenance costs.
The Lead Management module is a repository for campaign leads and prospect lists to be mined and managed. Create targeted call lists and promotions to generate new opportunities for your organization. Leads/prospects are created in a separate silo from contacts within the CRCRM system. Prospects can be promoted to contacts when you feel they are fully qualified.

Customer Service

With C2CRM Customer Support (Helpdesk) Ticketing, incoming requests and complaints are registered with detailed information including: company and contact information, time entered, amount of time before escalated (via workflow) to a higher support level, escalation hierarchy, and the time that the incident is closed or resolved. A work history section of the ticket records all work done by organizational users and date-stamps them.

The Knowledge Base (KB) system can be fully integrated with the ticket system where CSRs can access it to provide real-time info in case answers to similar issues are available. KB articles can be created, managed/filtered and linked to ticket problem types. The knowledge base system can be used in a standalone manner when linked to a self-service portal.
Project Management is an integrated C2CRM offering that presents project information including associated contract, activities, team members, time spent, percent completion (Gantt charts), and other details that present a total picture of the activity associated with a project. Workflow automatically issues tasks to team members either in parallel or sequentially. This module provides an excellent tool for any post-sales process that is standardized.

Marketing Management

Marketing Campaign Management provides a step-by-step process for the marketing program to be used to engage and sell to a prospect or existing customer. Workflow provide for automated task assignment. Collaborative marketing communications is accomplished via the customer’s preferred method of contact. You can personalize the promotion of your products and services based on a customer’s individual needs. Additionally, it measures campaign results (budget, revenue, profit, etc.)….from “lead” status to “opportunity”.

Marketing Communications is a rich broadcast messaging system designed to allow users to create adhoc or scheduled communications for a select/targeted audience and broadcast as mass email. The message can be personalized via a word-merged form letter template complete with HTML editor, and include attachments the from Documents and Images library. With this capability, thousands of contacts can be “touched” and the action logged onto individual contact/prospect records for future referral. Mass email metrics such as: who it was sent to, when it was sent, when it was opened and when the link in the email was clicked on, can be provided for reporting purposes.
C2CRM users have any type of collateral, document, multimedia object, or business letter at their fingertips with Documents & Images. This is a centralized library/repository that can be queried. It is great for documents that need to have version control.
The List Management & Lead Importing modules allow for mapping and importing of lead spreadsheets to the C2CRM system. Lists of various lead resources can be managed and linked to specific marketing campaigns.