City of Coppell | C2CRM Case Study

City of Coppell Implements On-line Services for Residents

Citizens show positive response to the City’s new real-time, interactive website.

City of Coppell Case Summary

The City of Coppell, a Northwestern suburb of Dallas, Texas, has chosen C2CRM from Clear Technologies as its internet-based tech­nology vehicle. Specifically, the City wanted a collaborative web content publishing system; a citizen communication tool encompassing WEB, PHONE, EMAIL FAX, and IVR; a central on-line loca­tion for the collection of citizen requests; and the ability to measure ROI efficiency. All of these were imperative to the success of provid­ing a robust tool for communicating to Coppell citizens, business partners and staff.   City of Coppell Case Study PDF


City officials chose to implement a CRM system because they needed a more effective way to communicate ,with their citizens, customers, government. officials and City employees. The City fur­ther wanted to increase the quality of services provided, present an improved level of accessibility and emphasize better communication between citizens, employees and the City Council.  C2CRM ,was chosen as it provided a cost effective solution for delivering more relevant, accurate and timely communication. C2 also presented a solution that improved management and deliver­ance of services, including enhanced reporting capability and accountability.
Economically, C2 is a smarter move for the City because they no longer have to outsource web design and be forced to pay for every change, especially last minute changes. Every department is now responsible for their own website content where a Manager can assign personnel to both design and approve pages. The City’s site went live in January of 2003, and is currently averaging approximately 6,000 unique visitors per month.

Building an Interactive Website for Residents

Another initiative imperative to improving communications between residents was in the area of on-line services. “These included citizen calls notifying us on everything from low water pres­sure to an unattended vehicle,” said Moore. “C2 Citizen Relationship Management (or CRM as we call it) has been deployed across the City’s entire enterprise. Everyone in the organization now has the ability of ensuring that every request for serv­ice is recorded accurately, regardless of how the request was received (phone, fax, mail, Internet) and which department is ultimately responsible for resolution. Providing citizens with the capability of real-time problem notification is important to our overall goals.” Since the new website launch, the City has quickly moved to enhancing the site with informational data like Calendar of Events, FAQs by category, and an innovative feature called the ‘MyCoppell Citizen Experience’. ‘MyCoppell’ will allow citizens to create their own unique profile for accessing the City website and CoppellClips (the electronic newsletter). “Coppell residents seem to be responsive to the new on-line services as we are see­ing an increase every month in both citizen profiles and sign-up requests for CoppellClips,” said Moore.
Currently, the City has over 100 employees that are trained and actively using C2 in their day-to-day job operations. City directors and mid-level managers have access to information in C2 for better decision making. “Our goal is to continue to meet the demands for on-line services. Everyone in the chain of command and across departmental lines can review the status of issues and convey a consistent message to the citizen,” said Moore. “Since C2’s implementation, City staff has been able to provide customers with information about the status of outstanding issues and projects without adding research time. In the future, I look for C2 to help our management staff ,make better planning and resource allocation decisions utilizing the metrics generated from within C2.”