Gundlach | C2CRM Case Study

Gundlach Successfully Integrates C2CRM with MAPICS

Tool manufacturing company improves sales contact management using CRM.

Gundlach Case Summary

The Beno J. Gundlach Company, known industry wide for the manufacturing of quality flooring installation tools, has chosen ClearC2’s manufacturing CRM software to integrate its back-end ERP accounting system qith its sales automation activity. In particular, Gundlach “‘wanted a CRM solution that would fully integrate the sharing of important data generated through MAPICS with a fully functional sales force automation tool – a system that was database driven with attendant capabilities for better customer relations. Equally important, was the issue of compatibility. The two systems needed to be able to transfer company records between each other successfully and in a short amount of time.   Gundlach Case Study PDF


Before the installation of C2 CRM, Beno J. Gundlach employees had contact management data scattered unpredictably between its sales employees. They used everything from Rolodex cards to per­sonal files and records from each individual sales person – all with no safeguards against losing the data. Gundlach looked for a true CRM application with database functionality and account manage­ment controls.
There were four major requirements key to Gundlach’s CRM ini­tiative. The first required a central location or repository for cus­tomer records, contacts and activity management – something the Beno J. Gw1dlach Company desperately needed. The second, and perhaps the n1ost critical requirement, involved the MAPICS ERP iSeries integration. The last two conditions focused on cost and product ease-of-use.

MAPICS Integration

“C2 integrated well with our ERP software by providing the data ,management functionality not available in our current ERP soft­ware,” said Mike Pearson Sales and Information Systems for Beno J. Gundlach Company. Now Gunlach’s customer service team can access critical order information and data pricing within MAPICS for use in C2 quickly, thereby delivering improved customer service. It’s a true front-office, back-office solution. C2 also provides Gundlach’s executive management team with additional tools to track customer buying trends in both MAPICS and C2, allowing for more efficient purchasing decisions based on data views specified in C2 and inventory control in MAPICS. “Finding a CRM solution that could be i1nplemented quickly with a small installation window and be user friendly was very important to us,” said Pearson. “We knew we had to find a CRM product that could handle a large number of data records typical from a company our size, one that would not cost us six figures.” C2, with its browser-based design means that any user can navigate in C2 instantly and one of the main rea­sons it has been well received by Gundlach’s employees, especially their Sales Management team.
“Another issue relevant to the selection of C2 was NOTES com­patibility,” said Pearson. “We liked the fact that it ran on Lotus Notes, another IBM product which we knew to be reliable, safe and an industry standard.” Gundlach’s IT resources, like so many in today’s economy, are small and lean. Gundlach’s employees were already familiar with the Notes interface, making C2 ideal for rapid deployment ,while at the same time providing a short learning curve for internal staff.

Building Better Communication

“Our future vision for C2 is to provide better communications to our customer base in the form of email blasts, especially to a target­ed list of preferred resellers and customers where them system can be setup to send automatically on a monthly basis,” said Pearson.
“With the constant manufacturer name changes, including pricing and product specials, this feature is a much smarter and more cost ­efficient way to communicate. I would even like to move in the direction of sending HTML emails using C2’s Communication module.”