Maxim Crane Works | C2CRM Case Study

Working toward Maxim-um Customer Service

Maxim Crane Works’ Dedication to Excellent Customer Service Leads to C2CRM.

MAXIM Crane Works’ Case Summary

For a company that prides itself on the quality of its customer service, communicating with clients and partners with a unified, personal approach is important. MAXIM Crane Works is the world’s largest full service crane rental company. They specialize in the rental and sale of all types of lift equipment: hydraulic truck cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, conventional truck cranes, boom trucks and carry decks; as well as aerial work platforms, rough-terrain telescopic forklifts and other ancillary equipment. How did they become the leader in their industry? “Quality service and strong customer relationships” said Al Bove of Maxim Crane Works. Mr. Bove is the Chief Executive Officer, and was a key figure in his company’s decision to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. They chose Clear Technologies’ C2 CRM for a number of reasons, most importantly, ease of use, activity tracking, management reporting and affordability.   Maxim Crane Works Case Study PDF


“They were looking for a system that would provide the sales force and its management with historical and current data about customers, construction sites, and partners,” said Greg Colley, President and CEO of Clear Technologies.  Mr. Colley further explained that companies in this industry have extremely long sales cycles. “Often, when they are informed of a potential opportunity, it may take two years to come to fruition. That means a lot of detailed history needs to be tracked.” Maxim Crane Works has always been loyal to IBM products. They liked that C2 CRM operates on the IBM eServer iSeries. The company began their 40-user pilot project of C2 CRM on that platform. “C2 has demonstrated its capabilities very well for us, so we just purchased licenses for an additional 100 users. We have a companywide rollout plan through the remainder of 2002,” said Mr. Bove. He notes that the success of the program is due largely in part to a thorough education and training program.
The majority of Maxim’s sales staff are former crane operators. “C2 provides our sales staff a uniform approach to selling, and offers our management a tool to monitor and review our current backlog and upcoming business opportunities.” explained Mr. Bove. “Technology, through the use of C2, is changing the culture of our company and how we do business.”  As a result, C2 CRM has helped the Maxim Crane sales team become more organized and provide more effective results.

Improvements are obvious.

Since implementing C2 CRM, the sales team at Maxim Crane Works has seen an increase in the number of jobs obtained through the tracking of project leads.  Maxim has been able to focus its efforts on tracking and closing targeted sales during the current downturn in the construction and equipment rental industry. Mr. Bove adds: “with-out C2, we would not have the focused lead follow-up and critical first call position needed to win sales in this highly competitive economic downturn.” They credit much of this success to their CRM solution and the benefits it has provided. Maxim currently is tracking numerous active projects throughout the United States.  “C2’s job tracking capabilities are very necessary to our operations, due to the number of jobs that have had their timing slip or postpone.” Maxim is able to use C2 to forecast customer demand and more accurately monitor expected fleet utilization and make critical decisions on regional fleet deployment.
With the help of C2, the Maxim Crane Works team has the tools they need to maintain their high standard of customer service. In such a fiercely competitive marketplace, building a strong, loyal customer base is important to maintaining their place as the industry leader.