ClearC2 Services

There are many important factors to consider when shopping for a CRM software that fits your business model. The obvious ones are:

  1. Does it have the features/functionality to address my specific data capture and processes needs?
  2. Is the price competitive while meeting my budget constraints?
  3. Is the CRM vendor experienced enough and familiar with my business to identify what is required to solve my problems?
  4. Does the software leverage the latest technology available?

What often fall under the radar and seldom is considered is the software vendor’s capabilities to implement, train and support your application. It is one of the leading reasons why software deployments fail. C2CRM with its 20+ years’ experience, prides itself in offering world-class professional services.

C2CRM Distribution

Implementation Model

When we’re implementing our product, we use a more consultative approach where we try to get to know your business well. We don’t have a one size fits all product where we make you force fit your business model to our software. Instead, we leverage our flexible software architecture to take our off the shelf software and use it as a toolkit to fit your business model. With the use of best practices sessions, we then incorporate your ideas and input to user-base your dashboards and screens using our role-based methodology; find out what the day in the life of each type of user is, do some customization and then come up with a prototype that you can test until you’re totally satisfied. We find this works well because the users feel comfortable using the system because they had direct input on how it was customized….which in turn, leads to a high user adoption rate for our product.
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C2CRM Training Model

Training Model

Training Services are provided in several different formats depending on the customers need and the complexity of the usage of the ClearC2 applications. ClearC2 offers a role-based (administrator, super-user, end-user) curriculum for each type of user provided in separate training sessions via the internet or locally on-site (additional charge). Post-implementation training (based on original application scope) is free and included in your monthly subscription fee (hosted model) or annual maintenance fee (on-premise model).
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ClearC2 Support Model

Support Model

The other way we try to partner with our customers is through the delivery of our support model. Because we only deal direct with our customers, we choose not to charge you for any of the typical tech support (phone, email, website, chat, portal) or for any post implementation changes to your screens, dashboard, workflows, reports. It’s all included in your monthly subscription fee when we host your application or annual maintenance fee if it’s on-premise. We liken it to being an extension of your IT department. More importantly, you never have to worry about any future hidden charges since everything is included. Another little subtlety about our support model that makes it a little different is that the implementation project manager that helped you out setting up your system wears a couple of hats because he will also be your support manager….so there is continuity and you never have to re-educate some on your application because you’re always dealing with someone who is intimate with your business model.
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