Support Model

Clear C2 has a unique all-inclusive support model.  As a benefit to our customers, we offer all technical support (phone and email) plus any future changes to any screens or dashboards created during your implementation at no additional charge. It is included in your monthly subscription fee (if hosted) or annual maintenance fee (if on-premise) as long as it applies to the scope of the initial project implementation.

Support for the C2 application is available through two methods that are dependent on customer preference and priority.

  • Telephone Support is available 7:30AM to 5:00PM CST on working days.  C2 Customer Support agents will log requests for technical support, diagnose issues, and help estimate custom requirements.
  • Email support is available 24x7.  Customers may email an issue, technical question, or request for customizations to This queue is monitored by the C2 support team and response is prioritized based on issue severity.
    Any customized services requests are processed through the same above channels.
  • The C2 customer support team uses the our CRM Customer Support module to track issues and the C2CRM workflow to auto-notify customers of issue status.
  • On-site support can be arranged through the C2 support team. Recommended approach to troubleshooting and support is to establish a secure internet connection to the customer to aide in implementation, troubleshooting, and ongoing support.
  • All bug fixes are prioritized according to severity.  Enhancement requests are documented and prioritized according to customer needs and the volume of the requests.
  • Documentation is provided on-line and available in PDF and WORD format.

The Clear C2, Inc. development and Quality Assurance staff use several tools and procedures that follow the System Development Life Cycle process.

Each component and function of our CRM is tested as part of a unit test by the development staff when code is changed for the function.  Because C2CRM is written using object-oriented techniques, this unit testing is used to test changes made to specific code segments.  Once the code change is unit tested, it is promoted to the Quality Assurance department to be system unit tested.  In a system unit test, the QA specialist will test using specifically design scripts which perform functions ranging from the most simple to the most complex.  If the system as a whole performs without any errors, then the QA specialist will load test the CRM system.  The load test is design to uncover any errors that might be introduced under heavy duress.

If the new version passes the unit, system and load testing, it is made available to the C2CRM beta customers.  These customers are installed customers who have a sandbox environment specifically for testing new releases of C2CRM.  These beta customers will download, install and test the new version of the CRM independently of our CRM support and QA staff.  The customers report errors to the C2CRM support staff, which are recorded and prioritized.  After all known issues are resolved through this iterative process, a release is made available for customers to download.  This process is performed by the C2CRM support staff when the customer is using the On-Demand C2CRM solution.

The ClearC2 Difference

  • Free Support
  • Free Customization
  • Free Training

Process Highlights

  •  ClearC2 Customer Support module tracks issues.
  •  ClearC2 workflow auto-notifies customers of issue status.
  •  All bug fixes are prioritized according to severity.
  •  Enhancement requests are documented and prioritized according to customer needs and the volume of the requests.
  •  Documentation provided online in PDF and word format.
  •  Customized services requests are processed through the above channels.