Training Model

Training Services are provided in several different formats depending on the customers need and the complexity of the usage of the ClearC2 application.

Customized training courses are prepared for the customer and delivered in a role-based methodology. These training sessions are designed for the following types of users:

  • ClearC2 administrator training contains technical content, configuration options and troubleshooting techniques.
  • ClearC2 advanced user training is role-based and is focused on the power end-user who may train others, set configuration options and perform advanced queries and searches.
  • ClearC2 end-user training is delivered in a classroom or web conference setting and is focused on the end-user who does repetitive steps as part of a business process and rarely takes advantage of the advanced options within ClearC2 systems. This end-user training is often delivered in a customized format designed to adhere to the specific business process implemented with ClearC2 systems.

Training: In-Person or Web Conferencing

  • Web-based training is the default method used due to its lower costs, upon request on-site training can be provided at an additional cost (which would include T&L expenses).
  • ClearC2 usually employs the “Train the Trainer” methodology, however, this option is entirely the customer’s choice based on preference, timeline and budget.
  • ClearC2 then provides a schedule of web conferences for follow-up training and for new hire introductions into the program.

Once the system is implemented per the customer’s requirements, the training will commence with the administrator training first. Changes to keywords, end-user setup, user interface customization and data mapping will occur durring this phase. The most cost effective training is executed by using the internet to deliver training sessions. These sessions are conducted by a ClearC2 implementation specialist and are interactive with only the customer’s personnel attending. Training takes two different formats. Administrative training and training on standard functionality is generic. Training on specific end users’ processes implemented will be specific to that process and is customized.

The ClearC2 Difference

  • Role-based curriculum for administrators, advanced users & end-users
  • Web-based or on-site training available
  • Free post-implementation web-based training for new users