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CRM Advantages

There are so many advantages of CRM. When executives look at how their business can succeed, it comes down to three categories. These categories are increasing revenue, reducing costs/expenses, and improving customer loyalty.

Coincidentally, these three categories are also the top three advantages of CRM software. This article will define these benefits and explain how a CRM application achieves these goals.

1. Increase in Revenue

One of the most obvious ways to contribute to your bottom line is to increase the top-line revenue. CRMs have the features and functionality to incorporate processes that drive sales efficiently.


  • Provide real-time access into customer buying trends
  • Allow the sales teams to have more face time with customers due to less paperwork
  • Provide pipeline management of opportunities
  • Efficiently and automatically generate forecast reports freeing up time to sell — click here to read more
  • Automated marketing campaigns keep brand messaging out in front of potential customers
  • Sales reps are notified of hot leads to focus with lead scoring — click here to read more

2. Reduce Expenses/Costs – Improve Productivity through Automation

Sales revenue drives the benchmark growth but profitability drives the net income. Executives base their strategic decisions on these numbers. CRMs can effectively improve productivity while streamlining processes reduce expenses/costs. This reduction allows for a better net income.


  • Reduced duplication of efforts (one common data entry repository)
  • Automated forecasting
  • Integration to back-office systems (central repository for all customer data)
  • Reduced time in facilitating Order Placement
  • Reduced administrative tasks allowing for automatic follow-up and task prioritization – Sharing of information
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns and promotional incentives

3. Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention – Improve the Customer Experience – Read more here

Studies show that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. As the relationship develops, each marginal dollar the customer spends with the company costs less for the supplier to gain. Losing a customer hurts, especially if it’s to your competition.


  • Reduce Pre/Post Call time by allowing agents to access a Knowledge Base of service issues and their resolutions
  • View a 360 degree of each customer that calls in allowing for up-sell and cross sell of products and services
  • Drive proactive management (knowing customer issues before the customer does)

Don’t be one of those companies that are satisfied with the status quo thinking that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. You can rest assured that your competitors are not thinking that way. Even addressing only one of the factors listed above should result in a positive ROI…mitigating any potential risk. Jump on the CRM train!

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