Clear C2, Inc. develops applications for today’s changing business world. ClearC2 was founded in 1993 and is a leading CRM vendor focused on driving customer loyalty. Founded in 1993, ClearC2 has served dozens of US manufacturers, providing sales teams with tools for collaboration, sharing information, and tracking opportunities, and giving sales leaders a reliable way to predict revenue, measure progress, and sales team efficiency.


From small to large manufacturers and enterprise companies, ClearC2 offers scalable and customizable solutions that bring teams together to drive measurable results. Regardless of size, our clients have similar needs—to track sales efforts, create transparency, and control access to their contact data.

“ClearC2’s ability to have us send freight quotes directly from our ERP system (IES) directly to the C2CRM system helped create a seamless transition with our quote-to-opportunity process while proving management with critical quote-tracking reports.”

David Collins

Director of IT & Administration | Houston, TX, | Gateway Logistics Group

“C2CRM has helped improve productivity/efficiency, minimize training time, improve communication and operating costs by lowering resource commitments.”

Doug Niman

Network Administrator | Bellevue, WA, | Aiphone

“Clear C2 has made us more efficient internally and I think that in the long term, it really helped us out with saving time and being more efficient in the sales process.”

Jonathan Joiner

Distribution & Marketing Manager | Raleigh, NC, | Wakefield-Vette