CRM Relationship Management FAQs

ClearC2 systems can be hosted by ClearC2 as an On-Demand/Cloud-based (SaaS) application or installed behind the customer’s firewall on-site as an On-Premise applicationThe On-Demand solution is offered via a per user month-to-month subscription fee and is hosted on ClearC2 servers at ClearC2’s site. The On-Premise solution is a one-time purchase of named-user licenses of ClearC2 system software that reside on the customer’s server and maintained by their IT support staff. Factors that ultimately contribute towards the decision on which deployment option to choose include: the number of users, the complexity/security of back-office integration and the ability/capacity of the customers IT staff to support the solution.

Your company only needs to have licenses to modules that you will use, therefore, you can mix and match modules per individual user.

We do have a one-time implementation fee for set up, installation, training and customization services as well as any optional integration services if needed.  Since every customer implementation has unique requirements, please contact your C2 sales rep for more information regarding pricing.

Yes, support is included. For On-Demand applications, all support (software upgrades, tech support, ongoing training, application modifications) is included (free of charge) in your monthly subscription fee. For On-Premise applications, all support (software upgrades, tech support, ongoing training, application modifications) is included (free of charge) in your yearly maintenance fee (20% of software license price per year).

ClearC2 systems have advanced bi-directional integration with Office365 and MS Outlook/Exchange. This includes e-mail correspondence logging, calendar/appointment setting, task/to do’s creation/follow-up, & contacts. There is a C2 Outlook plugin available in the Microsoft store that provides an easy-to-use interface. Gmail integration with a plugin add-on will be available in 2021. Correspondence logging can be performed on any mail system regardless of the calendar system used.

ClearC2 has many years’ experience integrating with many ERP systems. Depending on the level/complexity of integration needed, ClearC2 implementers can perform batch mode for simple spreadsheet importing/uploading (using a native import utility) to API, web services and ODBC connections for real time and bi-directional data transfer. Native toolsets include a RESTAPI, XML and web services. ClearC2 systems can integrate with most ERP systems in the marketplace. In addition, ClearC2 has pre-defined integration points with many of the major ERP systems such as JD Edwards, MAPICS, BPCS, Great Plains, Lawson, etc.

ClearC2 systems can also integrate to many non-ERP back-office systems as well such as phone systems (CTI), etc.

ClearC2 systems do not have off-line capability and need to be connected to the internet to save data in the application.

  • Processing or server farm is located on-site
  • Tape storage is stored off-site
  • Warm site backup is at IBM hosting facility
  • Full Backups are made on a weekly basis
  • Incremental backups are made nightly
  • Tapes are stored off site
  • A ClearC2 system environment & data restore can typically be completed within an hour (contingent on data volume)

Clear C2 owns and maintains its own server farm to provide cloud-based services at its Coppell, TX facility.  We maintain regular encrypted onsite and offsite backups of customer applications and data. Full backups are made on a weekly basis and incremental backups are made nightly and the tapes are stored off-site.  We have “standby” agreements with a local hosting center whereby we can restore to their equipment in the case of a complete loss of location.  Clear C2 can sustain Cloud Service under the following conditions:

  • Database Data Corruption: Restore from an incremental backup
  • Application Server Error: Switch to the hot backup server
  • Power Outage: Clear C2 deploys a UPS to level out power spikes while providing continuous clean power to the servers.  A generator (continuously running and fueled by natural gas) provides the power to the UPS in case of a power outage.
  • Internet Outage: Clear C2 will have a Provider that optimizes our connection to the cloud by monitoring each of our Internet connections and automatically rerouting application traffic based on changing conditions. They tunnel our traffic between their gateway clusters in the cloud and our Coppell facility, giving them visibility and control to maximize the uptime and performance of our Internet experience.
  • Disaster Recovery: Clear C2 has standby contracts with multiple companies to provide a VM host to restore the previous night’s back up to a warm site.

Its Front-end is browser/JavaScript, written in React JavaScript libraries (written and published by Facebook).  Middleware (REST APIs) and back-end tiers are both written in PHP, and then we use a SQL database for storage.

Execution environment (hosted) is a physically and logically secured server farm in our data center, hosted on clustered virtualized servers.   We have full redundancy to and from the internet using multiple internet connections and connection hardware.  Our network is protected by redundant monitored intrusion protection systems (IPS) and redundant firewalls.

We have industry leading firewall and Intrusion Protection System (IPS) hardware.  We have manned Intrusion Protection monitoring services that monitor cloud traffic into and out of our data center.  IPS system also monitors and blocks malware and Trojan network activity. We also have built into the system several levels of security:

  • Web Access Protocol – HTTPS (SSL)
  • Server level permissions
  • Database level security (Access Controls Lists)

• Record level security (Reader / Author fields)

  • Facility:  The Clear C2 data center is a data facility located at Clear C2, Inc.’s corporate headquarters in Coppell, Texas.  The facility is physically reinforced to provide additional shelter during inclement weather.  Temperature and humidity are monitored and controlled by redundant systems.  The facility also has dedicated smoke and fire sensors and fire suppression system.  Smoke and fire alarms are monitored 24×7 by monitoring and dispatch services. 
  • Power:  All customer-hosting servers are equipped with redundant power supplies connected to independent power banks.   Power banks are connected to a commercial power-conditioning UPS system capable of providing over 12 hours of run time.  The utility power to the UPS is backed up by an onsite generator supplied by natural gas, providing a virtually unlimited run time. 
  • Security: Access to the data facility is through locked interior doors only, behind the corporate outer doors, which are always locked and require electronic access badges for entry.  Data facility access is further limited to authorized personnel only via electronically-controlled badge entry.  Data facility access is logged by a security monitoring system, and recorded on surveillance video.
  • Connectivity: Internet access for customer use of the Clear C2 systems is provided by dedicated internet connectivity through underbuilding fiber directly to the data center.  All internet traffic is monitored by firewall and intrusion detection systems.