What are the deployment options – Hosted vs. On-Premise?

ClearC2 systems can be hosted by ClearC2 as an On-Demand/Cloud-based (SaaS) application or installed behind the customer’s firewall on-site as an On-Premise application. The On-Demand solution is offered via a per user month-to-month subscription fee and is hosted on ClearC2 servers at ClearC2’s site. The On-Premise solution is a one-time purchase of named-user licenses of ClearC2 system software that reside on the customer’s server and maintained by their IT support staff. Factors that ultimately contribute towards the decision on which deployment option to choose include: the number of users, the complexity/security of back office integration and the ability/capacity of the customers IT staff to support the solution.

Is support included with ClearC2 systems?

Yes. For On-Demand applications, all support (software upgrades, tech support, application modifications) is included (free of charge) in your monthly subscription fee. For On-Premise applications, all support (software upgrades, tech support, application modifications) is included (free of charge) in your yearly maintenance fee (20% of software license price per year).

What e-mail systems do you integrate with?

ClearC2 systems have advanced bi-directional integration with MS Outlook/Exchange. This includes e-mail correspondence logging, calendar/appointment setting, task/to do’s creation/follow-up, & contacts. It can also synchronize with any mail calendar system with the iCal standard. Correspondence logging can be performed on any mail system regardless of the calendar system used.

What Platforms, Databases and Web Browsers do you Support?

Supported Components



  • Name Functionality
    Supported Browser Clients Microsoft IE 8 & IE Version 9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
    Application Layer PHP Version 5.2 minimum; can support 5.3 and 5.4
    Supported WebServers Microsoft Internet Information Server(IIS) IBM Websphere Application Server Apache
    Supported Databases Microsoft SQL Server Oracle 10g, 11g MySQL IBM DB2 Version 9
    Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Server Linux IBM AIX V7.1 IBMi
What ERP systems do you integrate with?

ClearC2, given its premier business partnership status with IBM, has had extensive integration experience with IBM’s customer base (mostly manufacturers) due to the requirement of interfacing with those companies’ ERP systems. Depending on the level/complexity of integration needed, ClearC2 implementers can perform batch mode for simple spreadsheet importing/uploading (using a native import utility) to web services and ODBC connections for real time and bi-directional data transfer. Native toolsets include API, XML and web services. ClearC2 systems can integrate with most ERP systems in the marketplace. In addition, ClearC2 has pre-defined integration points with many of the major ERP systems such as JD Edwards, MAPICS, BPCS, Great Plains, Lawson, etc.

ClearC2 systems can also integrate to many non-ERP back office systems as well such as phone systems (CTI), etc.

What Mobile Devices do ClearC2 applications Support?

ClearC2 systems can be accessed through mobile devices that have internet capability. Mobile apps are available for IOS and Android tablets and phones.

When hosting, what/where is your back up plan in case of a catastrophic event?
  • Processing or server farm is located on-site
  • Tape storage is stored off-site
  • Warm site backup is at IBM hosting facility
  • Full Backups are made on a weekly basis
  • Incremental backups are made nightly
  • Tapes are stored off site
  • A ClearC2 system environment & data restore can typically be completed within an hour (contingent on data volume)
What is your recovery procedure if the application goes down?

Database replication to a standby server is recommended in both the SaaS and on-premise models. Multiple web/application servers are used for load balancing and recovery.

For Hosted Model: Recovery procedures are entirely dependent on the type and severity of the application or database error that caused the outage. The support staff at ClearC2 will do one of the following:

  • Database Data Corruption – Restore from an incremental backup
  • Application Server Error – Switch to the hot backup server, depending on facility
  • Datacenter Disaster – Switch users to backup facility hosted by IBM
Do ClearC2 systems have the ability to operate in disconnecting mode?

ClearC2 systems do not have off-line capability and need to be connected to the internet to save data in the application.

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