ClearC2 C2CRM Whitepapers

Improving Marketing Results with CRM

Efficient marketing spending is crucial for business growth. More importantly, marketing efforts must be highly targeted to minimize wasting money by sending the wrong message to the wrong prospect. In addition to helping your sales team streamline its sales processes, it can also help your marketing team ease some of its common pains.

Curing Customer Service Pain with CRM

In today’s competitive marketplace it has never been more important not only to ensure your customer service is outstanding but to also leverage your customer service activities throughout the organization. Customer service builds and maintains customer loyalty. Poor customer service results in “one-time sales.” Excellent customer service results in regular repeat buyers. Do you know if your customers are really satisfied with your business? Are you able to manage and integrate the various channels of support (help desk, web, email, social media, etc.)? CRM can ease the daily pains felt by customer service professionals.

Using CRM to Sell More: Defining Customer Relationship Management

Successful companies demonstrate the ability to identify, understand and cater to the needs and demands of quality customers. Top executives see forging long-term relationships as the key to stability in an increasingly dynamic market and are driving their organizations to become customer centric.

An Executive View of CRM

Every executive needs accurate and timely information to make critical business decisions. That’s what makes a progressive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy so necessary.

When properly implemented, a CRM solution can gather critical points of information from multiple sources within the business to provide a high-level or granular report of data that can remove the guesswork from decision making and solve some of the common pains often experienced by executives.