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Changing the Playing Field in CRM Solutions

Clear C2 was founded in 1993 as Clear Technologies, a reseller of IBM hardware. At the time there were no commercial off-the-shelf tools available to help organizations keep track of leads and customer relationships, so we developed our own homegrown system. As our business grew, we recognized that our customer relationship management system had the potential to fill a significant void in the marketplace. We began development of C2CRM in earnest, leveraging our experience as an IBM vendor to inform and shape not only the functionality of our software, but who we aspire to be as a developer and vendor of our own products. To us, that means going the extra mile for our customers, building relationships, and offering customization and scalability to provide a solution that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes, both now and in the future.

In 2002 we changed our name to Clear C2 to highlight our market-leading product, C2CRM. While other CRM brands may have more recognized names in the marketplace, we never lose customers on features and functionality, and our white glove service is unmatched. Our long-term customers include some of the largest brands in the United States, ranking among the Fortune 50. That’s because we put our capital towards continuous product improvement and continually hone our solution so it remains the top CRM available. As a privately held company that is not beholden to investors, we are free to focus solely on what we think matters most: our obligation to our customers and employees. This commitment has molded our company culture, resulting in a team with impressive longevity and a shared mindset: our customers come first.

Since our inception, we have focused on integrating with enterprises to support the way they do business, providing sales teams with tools for collaboration, sharing information, tracking opportunities, and giving sales leaders a reliable way to predict revenue, measure progress, and optimize sales team efficiency. C2CRM is designed for today’s changing business world, with all customization, training, and support built into our pricing, providing each of our customers with the functionality they need to advance their sales and grow their business.


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Meet Our Leadership Team

Mickey Patton, President & CEO
Mickey graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Computer Engineering. Freshly out of college he began his career working for Haggar Clothing Co., a men’s fashion retailer based in the southwest, managing IBM mainframes that processed massive amounts of data and transactions, tying into all facets of the company’s operations. After five years at Haggar, Mickey was recruited by consumer electronics retailer and reseller CompUSA as a Corporate IT Director. There he managed the IT Technical Teams responsible for procurement, vendor management, and systems maintenance of all computer, networking, and point of sales systems during the company’s high-growth period in the mid-to-late ‘90s.

In the midst of the corporate restructuring of CompUSA in 1998, Mickey was courted by a former colleague to join Clear Technologies, at the time an IBM reseller that was in the early stages of developing one of the world’s first CRMs. Mickey joined the firm as Executive Vice President and spearheaded the development efforts of C2CRM, purchasing the company in 2004 and becoming Clear C2’s President and CEO.

Mickey’s experience on the client side of the vendor relationship influenced the customer-centric focus that Clear C2 embraces today. He has built a team of talented technologists who are passionate about making C2CRM the best solution on the market. In his spare time, Mickey enjoys spending time with his wife Chantaye, sharing a nice bottle of wine and playing with their Golden Retriever Cooper, the Clear C2 office mascot and head of the Patton household.

James Jurczewsky, VP of Product Development
James graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. His first job was working for Cessna Aircraft Company, where he joined the IT team to help implement the company’s Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system. After observing the challenges the industry faced using these clunky and often outdated systems, James founded his own company, JLJ Enterprises, dedicated to helping aerospace companies modernize their MRP systems. Over the next six years he helped large aerospace and defense contractors including Northrop, Sikorsky, and General Dynamics, hone their manufacturing software to better support their businesses and operations.

Ready for a change, James founded his second company, Connective Solutions, in 1994. The consultancy was one of the first to support companies with Lotus Notes implementations, providing training services nationwide. In 1998 James was recruited as a full-stack developer for Clear Technologies and placed as the head of development for their budding CRM solution, C2CRM, which would grow to compete head to head with Siebel, SalesForce, and SalesLogix solutions. C2CRM won Top 15 awards from the ISM group in 2003 and 2004, becoming the only product to win in both Enterprise and SMB categories.

James now heads up the Clear C2 development team, still taking a hands-on role in product design and development. He has spent his entire life developing software and still loves pretty much all aspects of it—the problem solving, analytical thinking, design, development, learning new technologies—everything except QA.

Chris Owen, Director of Implementation & Customer Support

Chris brings added value to Clear C2 customers by merging his IT background with more than 20 years of experience supporting customers in the purchase and implementation of fully customized CRM solutions.

Chris began his career in IT at Haggar Clothing Co., where he supported computers and networking for a team of more than 100 sales reps, ensuring orders could be reliably placed and processed. When the company introduced electronic data interchange (EDI) technology to support its largest retailer, he was at the forefront, responsible for the configuration of order transmission and ongoing tech support for the reps in the field.

During his tenure at Haggar, Chris became a Certified Lotus Notes Professional, supporting the communication platform for the corporate office. This was the foundation for his next career move, to the rapidly growing computer retailer CompUSA, where he supported and extended the Lotus Notes infrastructure. His growing reputation as a Lotus Notes subject matter expert led to his recruitment by Bank of America, where he was responsible for migrating 27,000 users from GroupWise to Lotus Notes.

When Clear C2 entered into the software market with their innovative C2CRM solution, it was Chris they sought out for his talent for bridging the gap between IT and the business by forging relationships and building rapport. Chris supports each and every C2CRM implementation, assisting with the customization and working with clients until they are nothing short of delighted. From gathering requirements through creating an implementation strategy and timeline to managing the project through rollout, Chris is with each customer every step of the way.

In his free time, Chris enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.

Cooper, Office Mascot

Cooper is an English Cream Golden Retriever who earned his BS in Obedience in 2015 when he was just one year old. An obvious prodigy, Clear C2 recruited him straight out of school as Office Mascot. His Management By Wandering Around (MBWA) style was immediately embraced by his co-workers and his efforts have created soft benefits that can be mapped to ROI, including increased employee morale, satisfaction, and productivity.

Cooper’s  duties include attending meetings, office rounds, and cleaning up after in-office lunches. He also supports the Customer Services team by promoting client relations during onsite visits.

In his spare time, Cooper likes to play tennis ball and nap on a large blue pillow the size of an inner tube.

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