Enterprise CRM

Flexible CRM that helps you manage client relationships through the sales cycle. Feature-rich and suitable for all sizes and industries.

How can C2CRM grow your business today?

We customize your sales processes to C2CRM. No additional costs to you, it’s part of our regular implementation. With over 20 years of CRM development, we know how to make your CRM experience successful.

Increase Sales

Integrate your business processes to produce real-time quotes, forecasts and sales pipelines.

Automate Business Processes

Easily analyze your CRM data on custom dashboards, reports and graphs.

Automate Marketing

Automate your personalized email marketing, drip campaigns, and lead scoring.

Integrate CRM Data

360 degree view of your customer when you integrate your CRM to outside applications.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Better service with help desk ticketing, customer portals, knowledge base and project management.

Increase Productivity

Automating your daily tasks along with additional communication results in increased efficiency.

Client Relationship Management

C2’s Client Relationship Management software provides a complete 360 degree of your prospects and existing customers. Our WebCRM system provides a common data repository to manage all attributes of your business relationships. Some features include customer interactions, activities, associated products with purchase history and potential future revenue.

Sales Force Automation

C2CRM provides a highly robust yet easy to use sales force automation suite of products. Our sales tools integrate into our centralized database to share important information. Your sales team’s opportunities are linked to the lead management system to track important campaign ROI statistics. You can generate quotes that update opportunities and sales pipelines. Forecast reports are instantly updated to your business leader’s CRM dashboards.

Marketing Automation

C2CRM’s marketing automation software is powerful enough for your sharpest marketing guru but simple enough for your busiest salesperson. Our lead management system tracks your prospects through every campaign, opportunity and beyond. Sales teams are immediately notified of new leads and then reminded of related tasks through email marketing automation. Customized emails can be sent and tracked individually or in campaigns through email marketing automation. Track opened emails, clicks or Opt-in/Opt-Outs for every contact. All Statistics of campaigns and individual emails are updated real-time for reports and dashboard views.

Customer Service

Customer Service software is the key to customer retention. Our ticketing system combined with our knowledge base allows your teams to immediately react with the right responses to your customer’s concerns. Customer inquiries are all updated within C2’s central repository and shared throughout your organization. Important issues can be automatically escalated through task notifications and updated to reports on your CRM dashboard.

Additional CRM Features

Business Intelligence

Analyze any data in C2CRM. Dashboard views of charts and graphs allow real-time access to important customer information.


Mobile CRM

If your company has a sales team, then you need a mobile CRM. Access your customer information whenever, wherever with C2CRM’s mobile app.



Use artificial intelligence to learn more about what makes your company successful and your customers happy. Automate those processes in C2CRM.


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