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Customer Relationship Management Database

C2CRM Relationship Management Module

The CORE of C2’s CRM software is all about managing good relationships. Sales teams, marketing, and customer service team members have real-time access to prospect and customer information.

C2CRM’s customer relationship management database allows users to share and manage customer data in a central, secure database. Clear C2 developed the CRM contact management system, allowing complete integration into our Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules. Unlimited CRM contacts and data, as well as reports and workflow management.

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Key Features:

  • Account & Contact Management 
  • Activity Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • GEO Mapping
  • Mobile App
  • Outlook Integration

Account Management

Account Management stores every detail of your customers and prospects within the contact management software. Users quickly access a single view of customers across products, geographies, and statuses. Unlimited data fields can be customized by field name and pick lists.

Workflow templates automate your processes with reminders, alerts, and notifications. Your organization will build a better customer experience by sharing and accessing critical CRM data across your organization.


  • Add multiple addresses, phone numbers, and contacts to each account/organization.
  • Create parent/child relationships with other accounts/organizations for headquarter/subsidiary relationship/structure.
  • Widgets and reporting features highlight pre-set conditions being triggered, e.g., accounts that have not been contacted within two weeks.

Contact Management

Contact Management is your customer contact management database. This is where your customer contacts and prospects’ data are stored. Contacts can be grouped together with a related company record (B2B) or stored as a standalone contact (B2C).

Customer data entry can be quickly created, or use our import tool to download lists of contacts. C2CRM automatically checks for duplicate information to keep your CRM system clean and up to date.


  • Send contacts or contact groups mail-merged emails using templates created by your marketing department.
  • Complex filtering using “and” & “or” can be saved for private or public consumption and archived for future use.
  • Upload attachments from your computer to the contact record.
  • Contact management tools can manage your large, medium, or small business.

Activity Tracking

Create and store your appointments, tasks, and email correspondence in Activity Management. It provides a structured view of all activities and a complete interaction history between your company and its customers. Activity Management ensures that every employee with secured access has the same information so issues can be handled efficiently.


  • Access to an activity calendar on the home page with drill-down capability.
  • Record, workflow, and view archived sales activities from customer communication to service-related issues.
  • C2CRM tracks phone calls, emails, and other communications with existing and potential customers.

Lead Management

Lead Management gives companies the CRM tools to populate the sales pipeline with more qualified leads. Qualify and track leads from multiple campaigns and hand them off to the responsible sales representative.

Ensure prospect lists are valid with lead scoring and marketing offers are coordinated. Leads are created in a separate silo from contacts within C2CRM. They can be promoted to contacts when you feel they are fully qualified.


  • Easily create and track “prospects” separate from “contacts.”
  • Qualify prospects and track the marketing programs and lead sources from which they were generated.
  • Import leads from internal and external data sources. For example, upload spreadsheets, websites, emails from contacts, and external databases, and track the source of the lead.

Sales Territory Mapping

C2CRM includes mapping capabilities powered by Google Maps via API integration to give sales reps advanced geo-location features. Display custom information from the CRM platform onto the map for easier planning and analysis. Clicking on a location opens the company record where you can access other pertinent information such as opportunity and activity transactions.


  • Multi-point pinning/marker clustering for planning multiple customer trips in a day.
  • Route planning for multiple locations with step-by-step directions.
  • Radius proximity for target marketing of accounts and leads.

Mobile App

The C2CRM Mobile app is critical for relationships with customers and customer support. Real-time access to data helps the sales process and reps stay productive when they’re out on the road. Mobility is offered for cloud and on-premise deployments and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.