Relationship Management

C2CRM Relationship Management Module

At the core of C2CRM, the Relationship Management module contains all the underlying logic for the most customizable, user-friendly, affordable CRM software on the market. Relationship Management houses all of your valuable customer and prospect information in a central, secure repository. It provides the baseline feature set needed to modify, customize, and operate the C2CRM system along with core functionality including administration management, user settings, security, system and keyword settings, mail/calendar integration, merge utilities, workflow management, and custom dashboards and reports.

Account Management

Account Management is where all the companies you deal with are listed and maintained and serves as the base information to which all other data is linked. It is essentially the Rolodex of the CRM system. Since C2CRM is designed to hold all the organizations and contacts you communicate with, the system can classify customers, prospects, partners, vendors, or even competitors. Accounts can be segregated using a hierarchical, team-based, or territory-based approach.


  • Add multiple addresses, phone numbers, and contacts to each account/organization.
  • Create parent/child relationships with other accounts/organizations for headquarter/subsidiary relationship/structure.
  • Traffic lighting feature highlights pre-set conditions being triggered, e.g., accounts that have not been contacted within 2 weeks.

Contact Management

Contact Management is where all of your contacts and prospects are housed. In B2C applications, records are typically contact-centric, meaning contacts are typically standalone consumers. In B2B applications, contacts are typically linked to account records as employees.


  • Send contacts or contact groups mail-merged email using templates created by your marketing department.
  • Complex filtering using “and” & “or” can be saved for private or public consumption and archived for future use.
  • Upload attachments from your computer to the contact record.

Activity Management

Activity Management is where all of your appointments, tasks, and email correspondence are created and stored. It provides you with a structured view of all activities as well as a complete interaction history between your company and its customers. Activity Management ensures that every employee with secured access has the same information about a customer so issues can be handled efficiently.


  • Access to an activity calendar on the home page with drill-down capability.
  • Record, workflow, and view archived sales activities from customer communication to service-related issues.
  • C2CRM tracks phone calls, emails and other communications with prospects and existing customers.

Lead Management

Lead Management gives companies the tools to populate the pipeline with more qualified leads. Qualify and track leads from multiple campaigns and hand them off to the responsible sales representative. Ensure prospect lists are valid and marketing offers are coordinated. Leads/prospects are created in a separate silo from contacts within C2CRM and can be promoted to contacts when you feel they are fully qualified.


  • Easily create and track “prospects” separate from “contacts.”
  • Qualify prospects and track the marketing programs and lead sources from which they were generated.
  • Import leads from internal/external data sources, e.g., uploads of spreadsheets, websites, email from contacts, and external databases, and track the source of the lead.

Sales Territory Mapping

C2CRM includes mapping capabilities powered by Google Maps via an API integration to give sales reps advanced geo-location features. Display custom information from the CRM onto the map for easier planning and analysis. Clicking on a location opens the company record where you can access other pertinent information such as opportunity and activity transactions.


  • Multi-point pinning/marker clustering for planning multiple customer trips in a day.
  • Route planning for multiple locations with step-by-step directions.
  • Radius proximity for target marketing of accounts and leads.


The C2CRM app is a critical component that helps sales reps stay productive when they’re out on the road. Mobility is offered for both cloud and on-premise deployments and compatible with iOS and Android devices. Learn more >>


Add-On C2CRM Modules

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Automate the sales process with opportunity management, quoting, forecasting, pipeline reporting, and many other features.

Marketing Automation

Nurture prospects with end-to-end marketing automation including email, drip campaigns, collateral management, and campaign tracking.

Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction with helpdesk ticketing, case management, customer portals, and project and knowledgebase management.

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