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Clear C2CRM Case Studies

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Explore how Clear C2 has tailored solutions to help our customers succeed

Peninsular improves its business processes with C2CRM and ERP integration.

ECA improves their unique sales processes and automates their marketing with C2CRM.

Dean Foods leverages the support model of C2CRM to create a ticketing and work history tracking system.

RC Fine Foods uses C2CRM to track samples, orders, and invoices via MS Dynamics integration.

C2CRM helps BWS incorporate texting into its sales process, making it even more successful.

Aiphone utilizes C2CRM by collaboratively tracking customer activity to identify market trends and conditions across the globe.

Jameco integrates C2CRM with JD Edwards and e-Commerce web catalog to provide value pricing and elevate customer service.

C2CRM helps Brint Electric streamline and support the efforts of the company’s salespeople.

Wakefield-Vette uses C2CRM to become more efficient and automates their customer relationships into a 360-degree view.

DMC Network manages its partner network along with opportunity success rates with C2CRM.