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CRM E-commerce Case Study

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Jameco’s C2CRM Integration with JD Edwards Yields Success

Jameco Electronics, known as a comprehensive direct marketing distributor for high-quality electronic components and computer products, has chosen C2CRM to integrate its back-end JD Edwards system with its eCommerce web catalog. Specifically, Jameco wanted a CRM solution that would fully inte­grate product pricing data generated through JD Edwards with their intuitive online catalog offering – an eCommerce catalog providing better customer service and value pricing. Equally important, was the issue of email compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. The two systems needed to be able to transfer company records and emails between each other successfully and in real-time.

Why C2CRM?

In 2002, a new Jameco Electronics management team committed to growing the company by 30% per year, and to do this, they needed a simple CRM solution with a robust customer contact system. Jameco took a hard look at their business model, where they found that 65% of profits were generated by existing customers, and of that, 50% or more were being dropped off.

Jameco decided to make a change and looked at a CRM solution for their Inside sales reps – a product that had a simple interface, would complement their IBM iSeries Server as well as interface with Notes e-mail, integrate with their existing JD Edwards ERP solution, and be easily deployed with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook.

“We chose C2 because it is a complete CRM solution that we can tailor to meet our requirements,” said Doug Dolge, IT Director for Jameco Electronics. “Its JD Edwards ERP and Microsoft Outlook integration made C2 a perfect fit for our business requirements.”

Jameco’s Vision

Our vision for C2 in the future includes Batch integration where C2 pulls information from JD Edwards on the fly – everything from customer demographics changes to product updates to the implementation of automatic marketing campaigns.” said Dolge. “We would really like to get good at writing workflows to manage better our marketing campaigns where the system intuitively calculates who should be included in a specific campaign and launch the tasks needed for campaign success.”
Another area of interest for Jameco is its plan for using the Analytics available within C2 to actually determine what products and services are more profitable to sell and what kinds of companies they can market to gain new busi­ness revenue and meet their aggressive plans of growing the busi­ness 30%.