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C2CRM Implementation Services

CRM Implementation Services

Unlike many larger “big box” CRM vendors out there, Clear C2 does not pass you off to a 3rd party vendor or partner for professional services.  We have over 25+ years of using best practices in our CRM implementations. Our consultants learn your business and shape our software to match your business model.

Implementation includes the following services:

  • Application-Specific Delivery Services
  • Training Services
  • Integration Services (optional)
  • Self-Service Portals (optional)
  • Content Management (optional)


Application-Specific Delivery Services

C2CRM application-specific delivery services include installation & setup, and configuration/customization of our software to fit your business model. The process begins with your C2CRM project manager formulating a detailed implementation plan after documented discussions regarding your specific requirements are outlined.  

A sandbox environment is then built as a working platform to import your existing “scrubbed” data (from outside sources) into the system.  Security models and user profiles are constructed to match your organization’s requirements. 

Our implementors leverage best practices and experienced consulting techniques with your user groups to determine the data that needs to be captured in the system. Processes that will be used throughout your daily will be designed and implemented.

Ongoing “customer” testing throughout the implementation is deployed to validate and approve changes to the sandbox before a go-live date is given. 


We provide customized, role-based training for the life of your contract. Administrator training focuses on technical content, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques.

Advanced-User Training educates power users on how to train others and configure the system as needed. End-User Training focuses on internal business processes by departments and roles.

Integration Services

Clear C2 has over 20 years of experience integrating our CRM with various outside applications. We have integrated many types of systems. Here are some examples:

ERP/Accounting systems
CTI – phone systems
Website – web leads
Lead systems (i.e., Dodge Reports)

Many modes of integration are supported: C2CRM’s RESTful API, standard web services, direct ODBC connection via VPN, and simple import using batch uploading of Excel or flat files.

Self-Service Portals

Clear C2 can develop a self-service customer or partner portal with the flexibility to customize to specific business requirements/functionality for each portal user type. Each portal can be branded differently depending on who is viewing/accessing it.

Content Management

Integrate with your website to capture pertinent customer and prospect data and automatically update your CRM system. Create forms to capture leads, event registrations, or general company or product questions.