Sales Automation With C2CRM

Sales Automation Software

Automating your internal sales processes will increase efficiency, grow your number of opportunities while providing a positive customer experienceThe C2CRM Sales Automation module allows sales teams, marketing, and customer service to work together by having access to all the same customer information.

Our CRM software captures your sales data from contact details, activities, phone calls, emails, quotes, and contracts. Create automatic notifications, reminders, and assignments. Track qualified leads throughout the sales cycle to closed deals. Reduce administrative tasks. Integrate with your ERP or Accounting software for a 360-degree view of customer sales history.

Click on the items below to read more information about each sales automation feature, or watch the video below that covers them all:

Opportunity Management

Track company revenue, margins, close probability, marketing events, and lead sources. Create high-quality pipeline reports in a matter of seconds. Close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information.

Monitor your deal progress, and record deal-related interactions. Fully integrated into our marketing automation software allows sales and marketing teams more synergy. (For more marketing information like email marketing and campaigns click here.)


  • Establish actions and follow-up administration tasks with automated reminders.
  • Understand how different units are performing and what improvements can be made.
  • View opportunities by team, product, or geography in charts and graphs with drill-down details.

Sales Forecasting

Generate accurate forecasts based on sales data. Managers can create, assign, and edit quotas for their teams. View roll-up forecasts across individuals and teams. Measure forecast accuracy relative to commit amounts. Sales reps can input and track their planned yearly revenue.


  • Merge sales forecasts to view your company’s performance relative to quota.
  • Create executive reports that show the entire forecast accuracy landscape.
  • Monthly forecasts feed into pipeline reports for a more granular view.


Sales teams can generate complex quotes and link them to specific opportunities. Generate a new quote, copy from an existing quote or import from a configurator tool. Version control functionality ensures reps can manage many versions of quotes.


  • Create quotes with different versions or multiple quotes that roll up to the same opportunity.
  • Turn quotes into orders and quickly access shipment information.
  • Sales tools can assist with quick-turn sales or long-term sales opportunities.

Products & Services

Product details and service records can be created in C2CRM or integrate into an accounting or ERP system. This component can feed into the quote system while handling all pricing, margin management, and maintenance costs.


  • Enter product or services data (product ID, price, cost, etc.) or automatic integration from outside systems.
  • Track inventory by quantity allocated, quantity available, and quantity back-ordered fields.
  • Add multi-level pricing contained in a variety of price books such as retail, distributor, etc.

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