CRM for Service Businesses

Field Service-based Companies Have Unique Needs

Product-related businesses are dependent on time to market, inventory availability, and market pricing. Yet, field service-based businesses have different requirements. Services companies rely on the speed of service and customer satisfaction.  They are essential to building the ultimate customer experience. Personalized service with immediate and direct communication with their field personnel is required. Incorporating a CRM platform allows employees to access customer records and data remotely.

Field personnel are often technicians who deliver specialized services to commercial businesses and the general public. But, the general workforce is becoming more remote, and evolving to a broader range of remote employees. This includes healthcare workers, sales teams, inspectors, and more.

Management teams assign, schedule, and dispatch workers or contractors to specific locations. These workers sell, install, and repair equipment while overseeing field operations. A CRM solution for service businesses will improve efficiency, and enhance your customer relationships while growing your business.

C2CRM Benefits Highlights for Service-Based Businesses

  • Increased Productivity
    C2CRM allows you to streamline processes that include scheduling and dispatching through automation. These features will foster operational efficiency and better productivity for both field and office personnel.
  • Improved Collaboration
    Our CRM solution allows you to streamline processes that include scheduling and dispatching through automation. These features will foster operational efficiency and better productivity for both field and office personnel.
  • Lower Costs
    Decrease costs with efficient scheduling, dispatching, inventory management, and communications.

C2CRM Feature Highlights for Service-Based Businesses

Schedule & Dispatch Jobs

C2CRM has an internal scheduling calendar with the ability to preset availability blocks. Jobs can be easily and quickly dispatched to field personnel.


The powerful C2CRM mobile app (Apple & Android supported), has the same functionality as the desktop.  Our app gives you the ability to create and access all the data you need to perform your field functions.

Geo Mapping Capability

C2CRM has a built-in Google maps integration for optimized routing for site visits. And it gives a better visual experience of your accounts. This capability syncs to the C2CRM mobile app allowing for a smooth transition from the desktop to your mobile device.

Marketing Automation

Create email templates and drip campaigns to send out mass emails with C2CRM’s native marketing tool. Plus, generate prospects to call on while visiting customers, keeping your technician, sales, and marketing teams working together.

Texting Capabilities

In the desktop software, you can text your customers and prospects and capture the entire customer interaction. You can even send out mass marketing and service texts to filtered lists within our CRM’s contact manager.

Integrated Ticketing System

Your sales and service calls can be tied into our customer support ticketing system. Have access to customer warranty, RMA and product inventory information, and a built-in knowledge base system. Billable hours can be calculated and invoices created.

Track the Location of Company Equipment

With C2CRM, you can manage the asset inventory on-site inventory for each customer and their location with our geo-mapping capability.

Integrated Document Management

C2CRM allows you to quickly create and access documents needed for on-site service calls. Whether it’s pictures from your mobile app or completing required data collection documents, you can also easily search for all documents via an intuitive filtering tool within our CRM system.

Workflow Automation

Workflow business rules can be set up to automate and streamline processes whether you are in the office or out on a call. C2CRM can send out notifications, create new records or modify fields on forms.

Project Management

C2CRM has a project management system within our customer service module. You can work with all of your team members to assign tasks, monitor milestones and KPIs, to make sure every project is complete.

Systems Integration

C2CRM has a REST API that allows effortless communication with your other backend systems. You can pull in past sales and financial information and push pertinent info downstream to create orders and invoices. The triggers for these transactions are also included within the C2CRM mobile app.