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CRM for the Service Industry

Field Service CRM will improve efficiency and enhance customer relationships.

Field service companies have unique needs where service speed and customer satisfaction are essential for the ultimate customer experience. Field service management assigns work orders and schedules and dispatches workers or contractors to specific locations. These workers sell, install, and repair equipment while overseeing field operations.

C2CRM Benefits for Service Businesses

  • Assign Work Orders
  • Schedule & Dispatch Jobs
  • Route Planning with Geo Mapping
  • Text Messaging
  • Real-time Customer Information
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management

C2CRM Highlights for Service Businesses

Schedule & Dispatch Jobs

C2CRM provides scheduling and dispatching of field personnel to support your customers.  Our internal scheduling calendar can view everyone’s availability for jobs. This allows field technicians to be dispatched based on their availability. 

services calendar screenshot dispatch


The C2CRM mobile app (Apple & Android supported) has the same functionality as the desktop.  Our CRM mobile app allows you to create and access all the data you need to perform your field functions.

While at your customer’s site, your field personnel can use their mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to access and modify job records. Other team members can immediately view all saved entries. It’s like bringing your office PC into the field.

Geo Mapping

C2CRM has a built-in Google Map integration for optimized routing for site visits. Our CRM mapping gives a better visual experience of your accounts and provides step-by-step driving instructions.

Need to visit more than one customer on your trip? No problem. C2CRM has the ability to route up to 10 locations in a single route. This capability syncs to the C2CRM mobile app, allowing a smooth transition from the desktop to your mobile device.

map screenshot for services industry

Texting Capabilities

Text your customers and prospects in the desktop software and capture the entire interaction. You can send an SMS text message as a one-off to an individual or send a text blast to a filtered list of contacts. These texts can be scheduled or sent out in a drip campaign at scheduled intervals.

image of texting for website

Marketing Automation

C2CRM’s automated message broadcasting system uses email templates and SMS texting options. Schedule your messages automatically at a specific date and time or via drip campaigns with the software’s native marketing features. Plus, generate prospects to call on while visiting customers, keeping your technicians, marketing, and sales teams working together.

Integrated Ticketing System

Your sales and service calls can be tied into our customer support ticketing system. While at the site, service personnel can access an open ticket, input the pertinent data and notes, and close it once the job finishes.

All users can access customer warranty, RMA, and product inventory information. Plus, a built-in knowledge base system. Billable hours can be calculated and invoices created.

Our CRM platform allows the tech to generate and record any upselling of products and services while they are with the customer. It’s one-stop shopping!

Track the Location of Company Equipment

With C2CRM’s geo-mapping capability (via our integration with Google Maps), your field personnel can manage the asset inventory on-site for each customer and their location. Before each day’s set of scheduled visits, the system can identify & organize all the critical asset information for each geographical location. You will have a comprehensive map pinpointing all the locations and step-by-step directions to visit them.

map screenshot for services industry tracking equipment

Integrated Document Management

C2CRM allows you to create and access documents needed for on-site service calls. You can also search for all documents via an intuitive filtering tool. This feature is within our CRM system on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

Build a comprehensive view of your customer’s requirements. Examples include uploading pictures from your mobile app and downloading data in real-time on your desktop.

Workflow Automation

Workflow business rules automate and streamline your business’s processes. C2CRM can send email notifications for appointments and create job records. Fields on forms can be modified based on configured conditions and triggers.

Our CRM solution is flexible enough to automate information flow and minimize human error. Whether in the office or on a call.

Project Management

C2CRM has a project management system within our customer service module. If a particular job requires a multi-step process that must be tracked closely to its conclusion, the project management module is the ideal one to facilitate it.

Each team member can assign tasks and monitor milestones. KPIs with step-by-step instructions ensure every project is complete.

project management screenshot for services industry

Systems Integration

Need information to assist you in your service call? C2CRM’s API allows effortless communication with your other backend systems.

Pull in asset information, past sales, and financial information. And push pertinent customer data downstream to create orders and invoices. The triggers for these transactions are also included within the C2CRM mobile app.