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CRM Marketing Automation

CRM & Marketing Automation Software – Built Together

Our C2CRM platform and marketing software are already integrated, so all your customer data is in one central location. Your marketing and sales teams share the same information with contact management, sales CRM and marketing in one database.  

C2CRM’s marketing automation platform allows marketers to plan, automate, and measure marketing campaigns. 

  • Lead nurturing and management help sales teams convert leads into customers
  • Provide ongoing, customized content with personalized email marketing and drip campaigns
  • Send customized emails and track reactions
  • View real-time updates of email statistics via ROI reports and dashboard views

Key Features: 

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Texting
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Lead Management & Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Reports
  • Collateral Management
  • Form Builder & Survey Tools

Email Marketing

C2CRM’s personalized emails are easy to create with drag-and-drop features. We provide standard marketing templates, or you can create your own communications with our HTML editor.

Emails are sent in a campaign, individually, or from a group or filtered list. You can automatically send communications or schedule a specific date and time. Customer responses are automatically recorded in our CRM software.


  • Send letters immediately or schedule them for a later date and time
  • Attach documents from the collateral database to the form letter
  • Store emails by campaigns to facilitate organization

SMS Texting

Send a one-off text message to an individual and capture the entire back-and-forth dialog. You can also create an SMS text template and blast it to a filtered list. Texts can be scheduled, sent in real-time, or added to a marketing campaign.


  • Create SMS templates for common texts that are frequently sent out
  • Track your messages by individuals, market segments, or campaign
  • Capture past communications by other team members

Drip Campaigns

Create automated, multi-touch, drip marketing campaigns within our CRM solution. Drip campaigns provide a step-by-step process to engage and sell to prospects or existing customers. Sending periodic messages delivers a cohesive story, enticing potential customers to respond.

Campaigns also include texting and task assignments.  These hybrid campaigns combine automated messaging with human interactions. So, sales reps can be notified when they need to follow up with a call or email to their customers.


  • Automate sales processes for timely follow-up
  • Personalize the promotion of your products and services based on a customer’s individual needs
  • Measure campaign results, including a budget, revenue, and profit from lead inception to the final sale

Lead Management with Lead Scoring

C2CRM’s marketing automation system gives your sales and marketing teams the tools they need to turn potential customers into clients. Track the source of your leads, whether it’s a trade show, a purchased list, a referral, or your website.

The lead scoring tool automatically calculates a score in the background based on preset criteria. You can link each prospect’s lead temperature via workflows for automation notifications and reporting.


  • Qualify and rank prospects based on score & temperature
  • Focus on the best leads for quick follow-up
  • Manage many campaigns and automatically assign sales reps based on territory or industry
  • Populate your sales pipeline with more quality leads at the right time

Marketing Reports

With C2CRM, you can view trigger responses. Responses include when a contact opens an email, clicks a link, opts out, and more. Reports show all emails by individual customers, market segments, or your entire customer base.

See trigger responses on specific records in the system by company, contact, or campaign records. You can create reports and widgets on email statistics, scheduled emails, and campaign performance.

Collateral Management

Store documents for everyone to view in any format (including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, etc.). C2CRM’s query tool can search and locate documents by any parameter. Customer-specific documents are attached and saved on the company and contact records.


  • Apply security rules to make documents public or private
  • Link collateral/documents to specific customers
  • Version-control documentation

Form Builder & Survey Tools

Quickly and easily create forms and surveys for mass email marketing or a landing page on your website. Collect the data that automatically creates or updates records in C2CRM via website integration. Analyze your form/survey results automatically in analytical charts and graphs. Learn more about the needs of your prospects and customers and market to them based on their interests.


  • Create your own surveys or have Clear C2 Support create them (included in your monthly license fees)
  • Gather feedback via email marketing or weblink/landing page
  • Automatically track responses/feedback from leads and customers

C2CRM’s Marketing Automation allows marketers to plan, automate, and measure marketing campaigns. It supports lead nurturing and management to help sales teams convert leads into customers. Provide ongoing, customized content with personalized email marketing and drip campaigns. Send customized emails and track reactions. View real-time updates of email statistics via ROI reports and dashboard views.