C2CRM for Manufacturers

Voted Top 20 CRM for Manufacturing

Manage Your Manufacturing Supply Chain With an Integrated CRM Solution

C2CRM’s manufacturing CRM software provides manufacturers with the tools they need.  Manage long sales cycles and increase customer relationships. Our CRM integrates with your ERP system. Giving you a real-time, 360-degree view of your entire supply chain. From vendors to distributors, dealers, and sales teams.

Manufacturing Forecasting

Forecasting in the manufacturing industry is critical. Manufacturers must consider details like scheduling, inventory management, product placement, and production planning. Our manufacturing CRM allows sales teams to create and manage real-time opportunities. Sales managers have an overview of unlimited custom reports and dashboards. Having your sales processes in C2CRM increase the accuracy of your sales pipeline.

Manufacturing Marketing

Marketing is key for manufacturers to build brand awareness and create product demand. Being able to target specific products suited for audiences will increase your success. C2CRM allows manufacturing companies to automate and track their marketing efforts. Leads are quickly turned into deals with custom email marketing. All marketing data is analyzed in unlimited reports for quick ROI calculations.

Manufacturing Customer Service

C2CRM provides a variety of tools wrapped around customer service, giving you insight into customer data including:

  • Warranty
  • Repair history
  • Service issues
  • Common inquiries
  • Service calls
  • SLA
  • Financial order history
  • Product registration
  • Serial numbers
  • Expiration
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Age of equipment (if it has a life expectancy then create a notification to contact for upgrade)

It also includes all of the post-sales automation functions that are essential to generating repeat business. Tackle any services issues before they happen with C2CRM.