C2CRM Mapping

CRM Mapping

Customer mapping software allows your salespeople to use their CRM data (prospects and customers) to manage their sales territories and route planning better. Having sales mapping software built into your Customer Relationship Management system allows sales reps to become more efficient. They have all their data in one application. But it’s not only for sales teams; it can also benefit your entire organization.

C2CRM Key Mapping Features:

  • Route planning – “best route options” and “step-by-step directions”
  • Target Marketing – view radius proximity of accounts and leads
  • View all Customers & Prospects when planning visits within a region
  • Sales Territory Mapping for sales regions and to ensure proper coverage

CRM Mapping Capabilities

C2CRM displays custom customer data onto maps for easier planning and analysis.  Drill-down options allow users to access key data like opportunity and activity transactions.  Create detailed sales reports from your geo-based data.  After your plan is complete, you can access your data from your C2CRM mobile app, or you can print your information.

C2CRM has robust mapping capabilities in both its desktop and mobile applications.  It is powered by Google Maps with advanced geolocation map features.

Benefits of CRM Mapping

CRM mapping tools provide geographical analysis of customer and prospect information. This data benefits many departments of any organization.


CRM Mapping is great for field sales that spend a lot of time on the road. It allows CRM users to plan their trips ahead of time and manage their territories. It’s an easy tool to incorporate into your sales process to produce bigger sales pipelines.

  • Sales reps minimize drive time and cost (gas & mileage)
  • Step-by-step driving directions allow more time selling & less time behind the wheel
  • Plan trips according to the largest sales potential by viewing locations by revenue
  • Map other accounts within a geographical area in real-time

Sales Management

  • Map sales opportunities by geography to ensure sales territories are getting proper coverage
  • Analyze win/loss rates by sales regions
  • Create sales territories by territory alignment
  • Better customer experience


  • Target customers more effectively and improve their campaigns
  • Invitations can be sent out to those within a specific radius.
  • Review leads within different radiuses by event

Customer Service

  • Create quicker response times based on customer locations
  • Track location by the customer’s products/assets
  • Assign support technicians by the proximity of the account

CRM Mapping Functionality

Most CRM solutions leverage 3rd party apps such as Google Maps to get mapping functionalities. These maps use a simple API call to the 3rd party app based on address fields (city, state, zip code, etc.). The resulting map is embedded in the record. Typically, the maps are more accurate and up-to-date when using 3rd party apps. Several CRM systems with this functionality can display a map on Lead, Contact, and Account records.

In the Office or On the Go

Most CRM software systems are available for both desktop and mobile applications.  For CRMs with mobile apps, the mapping is straightforward because of the built-in GPS. Desktop-only applications allow users to map and print their destinations.  If your CRM mapping has both options, your plans can be saved and shared between both devices. 

Future of Sales

Not too long ago, sales reps traveled to their customers and prospects without a driving plan. They had a difficult time managing the volume of leads to nurture and the customers to visit. All they had was an Excel spreadsheet of names, addresses, zip codes, and phone numbers.

With today’s technology, CRMs can now address those concerns with the integration of mapping software. Save time with features that provide visual data with heat maps and allow more efficient routes.

Management is always looking for ways to increase productivity in their teams. CRM Mapping helps sales reps get the most out of their assigned territories. It helps them understand their customers better and see their CRM data in a whole new way. 
Our CRM mapping is included in our core package (see pricing details here). If you are interested in learning more about C2CRM, you can schedule a live demo or give us a call at 972.304.7100.

Add-On C2CRM Modules

Sales Automation

Automate the sales process with opportunity management, quoting, forecasting, pipeline reporting, and many other features.


Marketing Automation

Nurture prospects with end-to-end marketing automation including email, drip campaigns, collateral management, and campaign tracking.

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Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction with helpdesk ticketing, case management, customer portals, and project and knowledgebase management.