Is Weak Data Integrity Killing Your CRM?

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The Next Manufacturing Disruptor: Blockchain

Read our CEO’s thoughts on this growing technology in the manufacturing industry.

Measuring Customer Loyalty

Measuring Customer Loyalty By Charlie Spaneas || November 16, 2018Did you know from some studies over the years that… • Most businesses lose about 25% of their customers annually • On average, the CEO's of most U.S. corporations lose half their customers every five...

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Why Manufacturers Need a CRM

Why Manufacturers Need a CRM The factory of the 21st century will only dimly resemble manufacturing operations of the past. It’s already happening: Automation, robots, and the Internet of Things are making factories far more efficient and capable of preventing...

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Customer Spotlight | Aiphone

Aiphone: Leveraging the power of C2CRM It can seem difficult to imagine today, but there was a time in the not so distant past when sales teams didn’t see the value in a CRM. At best, it was considered a glorified Rolodex. At worst, it was an arcane albatross that...

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