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CRM Assessment Tool

The CRM Assessment tool is a multi-tab spreadsheet that will assist you and your organization in determining what areas of your organization will benefit from implementing an Enterprise CRM solution such as C2CRM. This tool is one of many that we use in our consultative process to assist you in determining what is the best solution to address your business problems.

The spreadsheet allows you to input various customer statistics that are linked to your key sales and customer service metrics. The end result is an effective tool that can provide ROI data for your potential CRM project. It generates graphs that reflect Sales Increase & Productivity Impact, First Year ClearC2 Impact and a ClearC2 ROI Comparison. It will also provide Customer Service metrics needed to ensure retention of your client base.

For further assistance with this tool, please contact your ClearC2 sales representative. They can consult & guide you to a winning solution.

Click here to download the CRM Assessment Tool