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Customer Service CRM

C2CRM Case Management Platform

Deliver a Unified Customer Experience with C2CRM. Handle service requests quickly and effectively with our customer service ticketing system. One centralized database contains a comprehensive case history. Manage customer data and questions, diagnose problems, share knowledge, and resolve issues, all with this one solution.

Key Customer Service Features: 

  • Customer Support Ticketing
  • Helpdesk Case Management
  • Automatic Escalations
  • Knowledgebase
  • Severity Assignments
  • Phone System Integrations
  • Project Management

CRM Ticketing System

View trends and resolve issues while ensuring customer satisfaction. The C2CRM Customer Service module enters incoming phone or email requests in a centralized database. Our support ticket system contains detailed information, including company, contact, problem type, origin, severity, priority, service level, and status.

Important customer issues can be automatically escalated or routed to the appropriate person through task notifications. Reports are updated in real-time on your CRM software dashboard. Custom tickets are securely monitored by time spent on each issue, and critical metrics can be analyzed in personalized reports.


  • Automatically create support tickets via email or the customer service portal.
  • Integrate with phone systems (CTI)
  • Create custom workflows that generate reports and shorten the sales process.
  • Track customer interactions related to products and services
    Measure case metrics, including response time and customer satisfaction


Knowledge Base

Respond immediately using the C2CRM Knowledge base. A knowledge base gives customer support teams quick access to common solutions. Users can access FAQs, manage files, and search and rate content.

The Knowledge base is fully integrated with the C2CRM ticketing system. CSRs can access resolutions from past cases labeled with a similar problem type. The C2CRM Knowledge base can be used in a standalone manner when linked to a customer portal.


  • Create, store, and query articles for sharing and retrieval
  • Secure for internal and external access through the customer service portal
  • Can be linked to tickets by tagging keywords


Project Management

C2CRM’s Project Management tool allows you to track processes to completion. Also, monitor progress on KPIs and milestones on the project form and in a Gantt chart. Project Management includes associated opportunities, emails, tasks, team members, time spent, and percent completion. Workflow automatically issues tasks and emails to team members in parallel or sequentially concerning the next milestone.


  • Create multiple project templates with milestones.
  • Search, sort, and filter projects in a list at a multi-field level.
  • Include outside companies as members of the project team and assign email tasks.