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Study: Dean Foods (DFA)

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The Human resources organization is responsible for managing and accurately keeping employee records up-to-date. The administration of these records were handled locally, typically by the 1 to 2 Human Resources personnel and a Business Partner coordinator at each location until the company evolved to a more centralized program. In an effort to better track all of the employee requests, a “Shared Services Center” was then implemented. Although all the requests were aggregated to one centralized location, there were still inefficiencies because the data entry process was manual and if key personnel were out sick or on vacation, critical work would not get done.

According to Jessica Kosty, HRIS Manager at Dean Foods, “What was needed was a software that could automate data entry into a system that easily tracks all of their requests while notifying all the stakeholders of the completion of every stage in the process.”

The Personal Touch

As with any successful software deployment, a high “user adoption rate” is key to system data integrity and world-class support is required to maintain it. Clear C2’s 20 plus years of experience and “consultative” approach to its implementation and support models uniquely facilitates Dean Foods’ high system usage. Chris Owen, Dir. Implementation and Customer Support at Clear C2 states, “HR continues to leverage our support organization to customize C2CRM to Dean Foods’ evolving business needs through a ‘partner’ relationship that has been cultivated and nurtured over the years.”

Headquartered in Dallas, Dean Foods is a leading food and beverage company and the largest processor and direct-to-store distributor of fluid milk and other fluid dairy products in the United States. Their products are processed with the help of approximately 17,000 dedicated employees working in approximately 70 plants and close to 100 total locations across the U.S.

Why C2CRM?

Leveraging the support module in C2CRM, HR is able to create various types of tickets via the use and identification of multiple unique email boxes and track the history of work done during the life of the ticket. Thousands of employee changes are processed on monthly basis. An automatic email notification is sent from C2CRM to the appropriate HR user at different stages of the ticketing process informing them: (1) that a ticket has been created with a unique number identifier, (2) who was assigned the ticket, (3) when it was forwarded to Payroll and (4) when it is closed. Tickets are archived and retrieved/filtered by employee ID, pay group, requester and date submitted.

The many reports in C2CRM have provided the metrics needed to identify trends and systemic problems so that management can immediately react with the proper measures.


The “data entry team” used intelligence gleaned from reports to justify the need to re-allocate resources to address the increase of ticket processing. Once it was determined how successful the application was to their request process, the team expanded the use evolving from 1-2 unique email types feeding into C2CRM to 14 different groups within HR having direct input. As a result, the entire process has been streamlined with quicker results.

As the Shared Services Team continues to grow, Dean Foods is confident that C2CRM can facilitate any expansion. “All our HR groups have their own different way of using C2CRM and it works for everybody…it’s really a one-size fits all application.” says Ms. Kosty. “What makes C2 unique is the way is splices & dices the data in a way that allows management to make the necessary decisions to improve our processes.”

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