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CRM Case Study: Aiphone

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Aiphone is beating the economic downturn with C2CRM

Aiphone Corporation, a provider of intercom technology for communication and security, has chosen C2CRM from Clear C2 to address the company’s current challenge — economic recession. Like many companies in the technology sector, the down economy has had an impact on growth, but Aiphone is refusing to let that stop them. Aiphone’s sales and support teams now use C2CRM to collaboratively track customer activity to identify market trends and conditions in various U.S. regions.

C2CRM helps companies increase organizational efficiency, strengthen customer loyalty, boost sales, improve business processes and increase marketing effectiveness. Web-based for maximum accessibility, our CRM solution provides customer and prospect information for optimizing opportunities and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Many of these internal processes now are totally paperless due to C2. Therefore, we are saving time and money by working smarter, not harder,” explained Doug. “For example, because the sales team and the support team have access to the same data, our IS department spends less time generating custom reports by request.”

Why C2CRM?

Aiphone turned to Clear C2 after being frustrated by a $500,000, 6-month CRM project with another vendor. C2CRM was installed and functional at Aiphone in just 32 hours, costing less than $70,000. Doug Niman is the Network and Domino Administrator for Aiphone and serves as the C2 project leader. He reports that C2CRM has improved productivity/efficiency, minimized training time, improved communication, and reduced operating costs by lowering resource commitments. Mr. Niman states, “Because C2 is browser-based, users are up and running in seconds. Training is a snap because of the inherent familiarity of the Web browser. I can provide remote users with the very same solution as local users. Remote users simply connect to the Internet and have full access to all Aiphone CRM data.”
C2CRM is designed to deliver a cost-effective Customer Relationship Management solution to the under-served small and mid-size business (SMB) segment, which analysts estimate is a $44-billion market. The system reflects ten years of feedback from SMB users. Mr. Niman continued, “The off-line configuration allows these same remote users to work while traveling.
Once they arrive at a location with Internet access, they can immediately synchronize all off-line work with the server.”
The software features 30 modules grouped according to five key SMB needs — Relationship Management, Sales Management, Customer Service, Marketing Management, and Analytics & Knowledge Management. Unlike ERP-suite solutions, customers implement only the modules they need, which enables rapid implementation, minimizes training, and accelerates user adoption across an organization. Customers see returns on their technology investments in months, not years.
Building upon a solid foundation.

Aiphone’s mission states: “Aiphone Corporation is committed to supplying quality products and services and being a reliable business partner.” The company, whose U.S. division posted $25 million in revenues last year, demands the same commitment from its vendors and applied its stringent standards when C2CRM.

Now with the system running full steam ahead, Aiphone will have even more muscle to move further toward the ultimate mission of growing at an even faster rate, with or without the help of a sagging economy.