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Manufacturing CRM Case Study

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Wakefield-Vette sees a significant increase in efficiency due to C2CRM

Wakefield-Vette, a global leader in thermal solutions, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain, has chosen Clear C2’s C2CRM to help their organization to become more efficient and automate their customer relationships into a consolidated 360 degree view. They wanted a tool that was easy to use while adapting to their unique business processes.

Why C2CRM?

Choosing C2 has been a positive experience for not only Wakefield-Vette, but for Jonathan Joiner, Distribution & Marketing Manager, as well. Jonathan helped his company choose C2 for their CRM solution in 2010 and then as his career took him to other companies over the years (now back at Wakefield-Vette), he would select C2 for those respective companies for their business needs as well. “I brought them into three different companies throughout the years.”

“C2 has made us more efficient internally and I think that in the long-term it really helped us out with saving time being more efficient in the sales process.” 

Jonathan Joiner, Wakefield

Selecting the Right CRM vendor

In his search for a CRM application, Jonathan Joiner was looking for an out of the box solution but also wanted to find a company that would take the time to understand Wakefield-Vette’s business and how they operate internally. His experience with vendors, other than C2, was “night and day”. “Clear C2 is more customer-focused whereas [Other Vendors] are more enterprise-focused, where they give you an out-the-box solution, and you’re stuck with that unless you want to pay an exorbitant amount of money to adjust to your business process.”

Taking advantage of Clear C2’s unique implementation model was key to streamlining the application and providing an intuitive user interface that promotes high user adoption. “It was [Clear C2’s] willingness to work with us and learn our business that they were able to add all these other features that we now use on a day-to-day basis”