Marketing Automation

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Support Sales With a Well-Oiled Machine

The Marketing Automation module allows marketers to plan, coordinate, automate, execute, and measure all of their marketing campaigns. It supports lead nurturing and management to help sales teams convert leads to customers. Provide ongoing, customized content with personalized email marketing and drip campaigns. Customized emails can be sent and tracked individually or in campaigns. All campaign and individual email statistics are updated real-time for analysis via reports and dashboard views with ROI charts and graphs.

Email Marketing

Use C2CRM’s marketing templates to easily create your own communications using our HTML editor. Letters can either be sent out in a campaign, sent as a one-off from an individual contact record, sent from a filtered list, or sent directly from the form letter module component itself.


  • Send letters immediately or schedule them for a later date and time.
  • Attach documents from the collateral database to the form letter.
  • Store emails by campaign to facilitate organization.

Drip Campaigns

Orchestrate complex, multi-touch drip marketing campaigns within C2CRM. Drip campaigns provide a step-by-step process for marketers to engage and sell to a prospect or existing customer with targeted messaging dripped to prospects in a timely way that delivers a cohesive story, enticing them to respond.


  • Workflow provides automated task assignment for each step.
  • Personalize the promotion of your products and services based on a customer’s individual needs.
  • Measure campaign results including budget, revenue, and profit from lead inception to the final sale.

Collateral Management

Company-wide documents of any format including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, multimedia, or graphics files can be stored in the collateral library for everyone with secured access to view. C2’s query tool can quickly search and locate documents by parameters including description, customer type, version, category, document owner, or account rep. Customer-specific documents can be displayed on the company and contact records.


  • Apply security rules to make documents public or private.
  • Link collateral/document to specific customers.
  • Version-control documentation.

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