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Importance of Mobile CRM Solutions

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You need a mobile CRM app if you use your phone to work and interact with clients and customers. Outside sales, business development, and field service reps all benefit from CRM software outside of the office.
Implementing a “Mobile CRM” manages important data in real-time, wherever you are. Run your business “on the go” and get the same experience on your phone as you get on your computer.

What is Mobile CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution stores customer data in a central location. Companies use CRM to manage their customers, build better relationships, and increase sales. You typically access the CRM from a computer.
Mobile CRM is CRM software that is used on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The application has the same functionality as the program’s desktop version. Mobile CRM software has forms designed for mobile devices with corresponding desktop versions.
Your sales, customer service, and marketing teams use your CRM software anywhere. The flexibility of mobile CRM is ideal for sales and marketing teams that work remotely or attend conferences and trade shows.
A mobile CRM ensures your customers and relationships are always at your fingertips. Traditional CRMs are for desktop usage, and mobile CRMs are for people that need customer data while away from their computers. It has the same benefits as the desktop version but also allows access to real-time data on the go.
A mobile CRM’s goal is to provide real-time information and grow sales. It increases productivity, streamlines communication, and builds stronger client relationships.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

  • Improves individual productivityMobile users can view, modify and create prospect or customer information. Scheduling is in real-time instead of waiting to update the system when you get back into the office. The time savings allow sales reps to spend more time actually “selling.”


  • Enhances customer service and satisfaction – Respond quicker to customer service cases with real-time tracking and managing. Territory management fosters the maintenance of better customer relationships.


  • Collaborate with all silos of your business – All team members have access to real-time customer data from anywhere and anytime.


  • Increases revenue Easily manage your sales teams, marketing, and support. Updating leads, contacts, and opportunities in real-time keeps everyone up to date. The number of sales depends on the efficiency and availability of the data.


  • Access to dashboards and reports – View instant data analysis of detailed customer insights to predict trends and behavior.


Mobile CRM in C2CRM

Clear C2’s CRM mobility platform is an adjunct to the C2CRM desktop version. You can access the same web-based system with the same URL. You can access all the custom data and “application functionality” you enjoy at the office.
C2CRM mobile app supports iOS and Android devices. Download the app for free in either the Apple or Google Play stores. Our app allows real-time access to customer information while on the go.
The C2CRM mobile app offers the same functionality and key features as the CRM desktop version. You have easy access to contact data or your sales tools.
The C2 mobile CRM software is easy to use. Sales, customer support, and marketing teams stay in touch with customers while away from the office. You can record phone calls, get notifications, update sales pipelines, check on order status, and map your routes.

C2CRM Mobility Highlights

  • Create real-time optimized mapping routes on your smartphone leveraging your favorite map app. You can also create maps on your desktop application and seamlessly sync to the C2 mobile app.


  • The business card reader scans the card and creates CRM records while syncing the data to the desktop application.


  • A full action menu allows the user to create and change all records. As well as sending phone calls, emails, and texts captured in the database to view on desktop software.


  • Access to all modules and linked customer records. This includes transactional data (i.e., orders, invoices) imported in via integration.
For example, a salesperson visiting a customer can check the status of any support tickets from their mobile app. They see the latest updates on any issue resolutions before entering the building.
They can provide an up-to-date status proactively without getting ambushed. And it can serve as a great ice-breaker when first greeting their customer. This sets a positive tone for the visit while giving the customer the confidence you have their best interest in mind.
  • Security – Secure Data transfer between your device and the server via encryption over an “https” connection. Login security requiring username and password.


  • Optional Custom “smartphone-fitted” developed specifically for your sales processes and business model.


  • Offered for both Hosted Cloud-based and On-Premise deployments.


  • No Additional Fees or Licensing for mobile applications
Check out our Mobile CRM page or email for questions or to request a demo.